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Starry Garden is a Play-by-Post Game set in a post apocalyptic world where years of intense warfare have ravaged the Earth, destroying the ozone layer and rendering the planet uninhabitable. Humanity has flown up into space, led by the New Earth Federation to try and find a new planet to call home, referred to as Eden. Whether or not they'll ever find it is unknown, but in the meantime, they've jerryrigged the moon into an enormous spaceship for their home base, and are cultivating several uninhabitable colony planets for resources.


Not everyone is cool with the new government, however: there are space pirates and revolutionaries lurking everywhere in the depths of space, so the New Earth Federation has founded the Federal Exploration Unit, a glorified military they use to hunt down pirates and other radicals. Both factions do battle with ICEs - Interstellar Combat and Exploration units - enormous robots developed back during the great war. Of course, it's not clear that the Federation is entirely trustworthy either, so it's up to the players to choose who their character sides with: will they be a dog of the Federation or a bloodthirsty space pirate? Or a member of a Voyager crew: unaffiliated ships that roam the stars, trying to find Eden. Or none at all, even - it's entirely up to you.

A recent startup, Starry Garden is always looking for new members, and welcomes anyone as long as they follow all the rules. Not much has happened yet, but there are plenty of lingering plot threads to follow and new worlds to explore. It can be found here if you're interested, or if you just wanna read all the topics. That's cool too!


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