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Roleplay / Grimm Strings

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"I can promise you our stories will intertwine"

A roleplay found on Gaia Online, primarily based off of the tales by The Brothers Grimm and Hans Christian Andersen, with several other fairytale-based elements.

On the eve of the eldest princess's birthday, a banished Sea Witch harbored enough strength to break out of her ancient prision. Powerful, insane, and murderous in her intentions, she slaughtered the royal merfamily. However, after a twist of fate, one of the princesses manages to escape, ending up in the Kingdom of Kherim. There, The Little Mermaid meets Little Red Riding Hood, who, by helping the distressed princess, was inflicted with a curse. The story thickens when the Sea Witch's monsters begin to attack Kherim. In retaliation, the crown prince formed a brigade of thirteen with two main purposes: to eliminate this threat, and save Little Red Riding Hood's life before it is too late.


Of course, this group (plus Robin Hood) just needs to learn to get along, but of course that's much easier said than done.

There is now a character sheet found here.

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