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"We are gods among men."

Divinity is a forum-based roleplay on the Gaia Online website; the thread of which can be found here here.

A historic fantasy set in a pseudo-Feudal Japan, Divinity tells a story that — quite literally — spans centuries and entire lifetimes. On the surface, it is a story of war told on a personal level: the conflict between the elite forces of the conquerors and the conquered, the Country of the Sun's Eikou and the Land of the Moon's Wardens. Beside them are a mix-and-match group of Youkai who may or may not be able to stand each other. Each individual's dedication and reason for fighting are entirely their own, be it moral or not. But that's only the tip of the iceberg — some of the Samurai aren't human at all. They're the living reincarnations of gods, reborn after a brutal fight with their greatest enemy who just so happens, unfortunately, to also have been reborn.


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