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The Brick Comic Network is a forum for fans and authors of "brick comics"; the term used for Webcomics made with LEGO bricks. The Lego Group doesn't want people using the word "Lego" in titles of things, for legal reasons.

It started out with a collaboration between several brick comic authors to create a one-off comic about Santa Claus which was popular enough to warrant the founding of the brick comic network. It started off on Reasonably Clever, the site on which member comic Brick House is hosted, but later expanded to need its own website, with a forum and blog. It has since grown in size and most (but not all) Brick Comics are now associated with it in some way.

There are two official statuses: the "author" status, which is given to an author deemed successful enough by the other authors, and the drop-down status, which is simply where a comic that has reached a minimum number of episodes is linked to on the drop-down menu on all BCN sites. There is also a section on the forums called "Pimp Your Comic" for the comics which are yet to achieve author status, for which there is another section. Most comics merely fade away into an infinite hiatus, but proper closure does occur sometimes.


As of 19th June 2018, the site itself shut down. Most of the associated comics have also ended but a few still remain.

Current Author Comics include:

Dead or Ended Comics include:


This website provides examples of:

  • Built with LEGO
  • Photo Comic: Although a couple of instances of digital comics have appeared, this is true for the vast majority.
  • Crossover: Due to the nature of the community, a fair few. Brick House and S-Team have the most, to the point of a small arc with the former's main character occurring in the later while Brick House was on hiatus, and a lot of smaller crossovers. Many other crossovers also occur, often but not always between comics with closer authors or genres.
  • Shout-Out: A massive amount of shout outs appear in the comics themselves, let alone within the forums to the comics.
  • Orphaned Series: Being a fairly large collection of webcomics, it's inevitable that a fair few will end up as this. As of the site's shut-down, many series ended simply from creator abandonment.


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