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"I've heard that one before," Michael muttered, "and all the other bringers of my doom didn't really accomplish much apart from getting themselves killed."
Michael Hamilton, Chapter One, on the claims that Iknesa was the bringer of his doom.

Fire Emblem: The Blaze of Eternity is a Fire Emblem based role-play hosted on the Neoseeker forums, and it serves as a pseudosequel to Clark Kallen And His Merry Band (and as such contains a large amount of spoilers for the latter, mostly concerning events that haven't yet happened there).


Two years have passed since the Merry Band's battles, with Tookie having returned to Earth as an unsung hero, his efforts being wholly unrecognised and a normal life awaiting him. He initially laments the return to his old life, though this soon catches up to him and he is thrust back into conflict alongside old friend Lily Klavine and a host of new faces.

Can be read here. It started in 2009 and came to an end in 2010.



The Blaze of Eternity contains examples of:

  • Adam Smith Hates Your Guts: In force here and lampshaded by Michael and Gevan in Gevan and Latecia's introduction. What's that, Michael? You want to not die? Well you'll need to fork over the dough then, won't you?
  • Ascended Extra: In a sense, Michael, given his fairly minor role in previous events until Lucialde's plans became apparent and would soon come into play. Lily plays the trope much straighter.
  • Bag of Spilling: Michael went from mighty warrior that willingly faced off against an Eldritch Abomination and then fought Alessia to a standstill, to an average guy. Two years without touching a sword seemed to do that to him.)
  • Classically Trained Extra: Alec is incredibly well-versed in Shakespeare's works, but rarely gets to play as much more than an extra.
  • Did You Just Flip Off Cthulhu?: Michael responds to Valauria's grandstanding in Chapter Two with a nice verbal bitchslap at the first available opportunity. Not quite a Cthulhu by any stretch of the imagination, but considering the power discrepancy it's close enough.
    "Now piss off. I believe you have revenge plans to make."
  • Doomed Hometown: Southampton seems fairly boned. Could possibly span to Doomed Homeworld, considering there are at least two other places (Elibe and Langras) the group could be poofed away to.
  • Magnetic Hero: Noted in-universe; Alessia tells Mannix that 'the powerful seem to gravitate towards him'.
  • Mentor Occupational Hazard: The whole reason Mannix is travelling at all is to search for his missing mentor, Master Gahareet. It's not yet known why he disappeared at all, or even if he is still alive.
  • No Name Given: Vivaldi and Mannix. Michael and Lily are aversions, especially refreshing in Michael's case as his real name was spoken approximately five times throughout ''Clark Kallen'
  • Rage Against the Heavens: The story kicks off as a result of a large amount of angels rebelling against Alessia, particularly regarding her quite happily allowing Michael to go home without a scratch after their battle during Michael's own rage against the heavens.
  • Recycled In Space: Looked set to be Fire Emblem IN MODERN TIMES with tenuous connection to the precursor at best. Recent developments have changed this considerably.


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