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Comic Books

  • If you're reading a Neil Gaiman book, and you run across some lyrics, they'll work just fine if you sing them to the tune of Lehrer's "Traditional Irish Folk Song". Examples include the "Kings Under the Hill" song from The Books of Magic and "The Voyage of the Fantastick" from Marvel 1602.


  • "Damned Spot" by Julian Rathbone, an account of the death of Christopher Marlowe served with a large side of Anachronism Stew, has a scene where Marlowe is asked for career advice by the young William Shakespeare, and gives him the same advice Lehrer had Lobachevsky give his protege in "Lobachevsky".
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  • In Operation Chaos by Poul Anderson, there's a sequence where the protagonists turn to the mathematician Nikolai Lobachevsky for advice, which includes several shout-outs to Lehrer's song.

Live-Action TV

  • In the Crusade episode "The Needs of Earth", Captain Gideon repeats Lehrer's joke about keeping humble by remembering Mozart's achievements.


  • 2 Chainz samples "The Old Dope Peddler" in his song "Dope Peddler" on Based On a T.R.U Story.


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