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A list of works that have referenced Led Zeppelin and their music:

Anime & Manga

  • JoJo's Bizarre Adventure has referenced the band on a multitude of occasions.
    • Over the course of the series, there are three notable members of the benevolent Zeppeli family, being Will A. Zeppeli, Caesar Zeppeli, and Gyro Zeppeli.
    • Phantom Blood, which introduced the aforementioned Will A. Zeppeli, also ironically has four minor villains named Page, Jones, Plant and Bornham — clearly a reference to the members of the Zeppelin.
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    • In the original serial syndication of Stone Ocean, the final form of Enrico Pucci's Stand was named Stairway to Heaven. However, in publications following the initial serialization, it was instead renamed to Made in Heaven.
    • JoJolion loves referencing Coda specifically. The album itself can be seen in a background shot, is referenced on the cover page of Chapter 98, and antagonist Poor Tom and his Stand, Ozon Baby, are both named after songs on Coda.
    • The Japanese title of JoJolion Volume 23 is a direct translation of the phrase "Whole Lotta Love".
    • In 2017, an escape room attraction was created based off of Stardust Crusaders, called JoJo's Bizarre Escape: The Hotel. The antagonist of the attraction is named Dija Maker, with his Stand being a pocket dimension hotel that erases people from reality after 1 hour, named House of Holy. The Stand obviously references Houses of the Holy, the album from which "D'yer Ma'ker" originates, but may also be a reference to Physical Graffiti, the album that contains the "Houses of the Holy" song, as its album cover is an apartment flat, being a similar structure to that of a hotel.

Films — Animated

Films — Live-Action

  • Almost Famous:
    • Four of their songs are used in the movie; "That's the Way" (on the bus, when William and Penny snap photos of each other), "Misty Mountain Hop" (when Stillwater and William are riding in a limo to New York City), "The Rain Song" (as Stillwater is having its farewell party), and "Tangerine" (in the Montage Out sequence that closes the movie).
    • Sapphire's first line as she greets the other Band-Aids backstage at the Black Sabbath concert is "Does anybody remember laughter?", which is a lyric Robert Plant would insert into live performances of "Stairway to Heaven".
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    • When Penny is taking William through the "Riot House" (the nickname for the Continental Hyatt in Los Angeles), they run into Vic, a Led Zeppelin superfan, who has a T-shirt that reads on the back, "Has anybody seen the bridge?" (a lyric from "The Crunge"). Later, when William runs into him outside a hotel in New York City, Vic is wearing a T-shirt that reads, "To be a rock and not to roll", a lyric from "Stairway to Heaven".
    • When Russell and Jeff are discussing how friendly they should be with William, Jeff brings up the fact Rolling Stone, who William is writing for, slammed every Zeppelin album ever made (which was Truth in Television).
    • While on acid, Russell climbs on the roof of someone's house and yells out, "I am a golden god!", which is what Plant supposedly said when he was looking at the Sunset Strip from a hotel balcony.
    • In a Deleted Scene, William tries to argue with his mother to let him go on the road with Stillwater by playing her "Stairway to Heaven". Though Cameron Crowe was good friends with the band, they wouldn't let him use the song.
  • Argo has "When the Levee Breaks" being played from one of the embassador's L Ps as the group discusses their escape plan.
  • The Big Short, in reference to the implosion of the housing market, and subsequently the banks and the entire economy, plays "When the Levee Breaks" over the credits.
  • In Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, Ted compares Ancient Greece to the cover of Houses of the Holy.
  • Fast Times at Ridgemont High; Mike Damone tells Brian Ratner his surefire plan to get a woman to like him, which includes playing side 1 of Led Zeppelin IV. Instead, as Brian is driving Stacy on their date, he's playing "Kashmir", from Physical Graffiti.
  • The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2011); a cover version of "The Immigration Song", performed by Karen O and Trent Reznor, plays over the opening credits.
  • Ocean's Twelve has a scene of Spy Speak where Linus's attempt to fit in are him quoting the lyrics of "Kashmir".
  • School of Rock; after Summer convinces the organizers of the contest to let the band play, Dewey plays, and sings along to, "Immigration Song" on the bus ride back. (the DVD extras have the video sent to the band hoping they would allow the song to be used)
  • Studio 666 has one to The Song Remains the Same: "Let's go to a cool place... like Zeppelin. When Zeppelin went to the castle, and there was the devil, and the wizards, and the dragons and shit."
  • Thor: Ragnarok uses "Immigrant Song" twice as a backing track for scenes of Thor battling hordes of enemies.
  • Wayne's World: Wayne starts to play "Stairway to Heaven" on a guitar store when a clerk points to a sign reading "NO Stairway to Heaven."
    Wayne: No Stairway? Denied!


Live-Action TV

  • NewsRadio: The last nine episodes from Season 2 are named after Led Zeppelin albums (excluding Led Zeppelin III). An episode of Season 3 is named "Led Zeppelin Boxed Set".
  • Episodes from season 5 of That '70s Show are named after Led Zeppelin songs.

Video Games

  • Sad Satan is titled after an infamous claim that playing "Stairway to Heaven" backwards makes the line "if there's a bustle in your hedgerow, don't be alarmed now" sound like "there was a little toolshed where he made us suffer, sad Satan." An audio clip of the relevant backmasked portion also appears in-game.
  • The Mega Pack version of Scribblenauts Unlimited has an exclusive level inside a giant blimp, named the Zed Zeppelin.

Visual Novel

  • Ace Attorney: In Case 3 of Trials and Tribulations, The Stolen Turnabout, one of the characters (Luke Atmey) says the line "I am a traveler of both time and space…" referencing the lyric from the Led Zeppelin song "Kashmir".