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  • Footage from the series appeared in the 1980 Panorama episode, "If The Bomb Drops..."
  • The BBC science documentary series Q.E.D 1982 episode "A Guide to Armageddon" has a couple in Finsbury Park build a shelter according to instructions in the series' official pamphlet, with the voice of Ludovic Kennedy explaining precisely how ineffective such a shelter would be if a single megaton bomb were dropped on St. Paul's Cathedral three miles away.
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  • John Pilger shows clips from the series in his documentary, The Truth Game.
  • Patrick Allen, who narrated the films, would later parody the recordings for Frankie Goes to Hollywood's song "Two Tribes", announcing "I am the last voice you will ever hear. Do not be alarmed."
  • In Threads, an episode can be seen playing on the televisions in a shop window. There are also a couple of brief clips from the radio version that can be heard in the background in some of the pre-attack scenes.
  • Jethro Tull recorded a song called "Protect and Survive" on their 1980 album A.
  • A song by the hardcore punk/D-beat band Discharge featured play on words "Protest and Survive" as its title, a reference to E. P. Thompson's anti-nuclear manifesto.
  • Heavy metal band Wolfsbane's self-titled album contains a song called "Protect and Survive".
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  • London Post-rock band Public Service Broadcasting recorded a track "Protect and Survive" using samples from the Roger Limb score set over a drum heavy track with live performances incorporating visual elements taken from the government information film.
  • In the Spooks episode "Nuclear Strike", Malcolm is seen viewing one of the information videos.
  • In The Young Ones episode "Bomb", the lads find an atom bomb in front of their fridge. Neil consults "the incredibly helpful Protect and Survive manual!" They hide ineffectively under tables and paint themselves white to deflect the blast.
  • In the Doctor Who serial "The Claws of Axos", a sly dig was made about the Civil Defence information available about protection against nuclear blast when the Brigadier asks the Master what they can do, as the Master is preparing to store the entire output of the Nuclear Reactor in the Doctor's TARDIS. The Master turns around and says "Well you could always take the usual precautions against Nuclear Blast, sticky tape on the windows, things like that". This information was still issued in Protect and Survive documents.


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