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Recap / Yu Gi Oh Arc V Ep 97 The Noble Supreme Paladin

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Roget's Duel Chasers attempt to intercept and stop Jack and Yuya's Duel with an army of Goyo Emperors, but Jack uses the effect of Red Demon's Dragon Scar-Light to destroy them all and inflict 500 damage for each monster, defeating them in an instant. As the flames reach Yuya, though, he finds and activates the Action card "Acceleration" to negate the damage. Jack attacks Yuya directly, dropping him to 1000 Life Points. Yuya uses the Action card "Damage Draw" to draw two cards since he took more than 2000 damage, and Jack sets one card and ends his turn.


Yuya draws "Tuning Magician" and Yuya Pendulum Summons, returning "Timesword Magician" and "Entermate Radish Horse" from the Extra Deck to his field, and Normal Summons Tuning Magician from his hand. Tuning Magician's effect reduces Yuya's Life Points by 400 and increases Jack's by the same, and since he just took damage, Yuya Special Summons "Entermate Life Swordsman" from his hand by its effect and makes its ATK equal to that damage. Yuya then uses Radish Horse's effect to reduce the ATK of Scar-Light by 500 and increase Life Swordsman's ATK by 500. Yuya Tunes Radish Horse and Timesword Magician with Tuning Magician to Synchro Summon "Enlightenment Paladin," and uses its effect to return "Smile World" to his hand. Yuya then tributes Life Swordsman to increase the ATK of Enlightenment Paladin by its ATK, to 3400. Enlightenment Paladin attacks Red Demon's Dragon Scar-Light, but Jack uses his Trap "Red Crystal" to prevent its destruction by battle. Yuya ends his turn and the ATK of Scarlight and Enlightenment Paladin return to normal. Yuya thinks over Jack's accusation that Yuya is just borrowing his father's words, and that Tuning Magician, too, was just borrowed; so what power of his own does he have?


Jack uses Red Demon's Dragon Scar-Light's effect to destroy Enlightenment Paladin, but Yuya uses the effect of "Entermate Bubbulldog" in his Pendulum Zone instead. Jack attacks, but Yuya uses the effect of his other Pendulum Monster, "Rubber Mutton," to negate the destruction by battle. Yuya takes 500 damage and is left at 100 Life Points. Jack sets a card and ends his turn, and says that protecting himself with Pendulum Effects won't let him evolve. Yuya remembers he was the creator of Pendulum Summoning, and realizes it is his own power. He has a vision of a new monster, and tells Jack he can see his own words. Yuya sets "Xiangke Magician" in his empty Pendulum Scale, and Pendulum Summons "Entermate Cheermole." Then, to Jack's surprise, Yuya declares a Synchro Summon with his two monsters. Yuya explains his new monster can be Synchro Summoned using a Synchro Monster and a Pendulum Summon as Tributes, and summons the Level 10 "Nirvana High Paladin," with 3300 ATK.


Nirvana High Paladin attacks Red Demon's Dragon Scar-Light, dealing 300 damage to Jack, but Jack activates the Continuous Trap "King's Scarlet," negating Scar-Light's destruction and summoning "King's Scarlet" as a Level 1 Tuner monster. Impressed and surprised by Yuya's move and seeing he is using his own power now, Jack says he will show Yuya his true dueling. Jack summons "Mirror Resonator" and declares a Double Tuning, tuning his two Tuners with Red Demon's Dragon Scar-Light to summon "Red Demon's Dragon Tyrant." Jack activates Tyrant's effect, destroying all other cards on the field other than itself. Yuya's field is obliterated, but High Nirvana Paladin's effect activates, placing itself in Yuya's Pendulum Zone. Jack declares a direct attack, and Yuya finds the Action card "Evasion" to negate it, but Jack uses Tyrant's effect to negate the activation of a Spell or Trap card activated during its attack and gain 500 ATK. Since Evasion is destroyed, Yuya uses the effect of "Acrobat Magician" in his hand to Special Summon it. Jack destroys Acrobat Magician, and it places itself in Yuya's Pendulum Zone.

Jack is impressed Yuya had planned for a direct attack, but Yuya replies he didn't; he just did what he could. Jack finds that even more interesting, and tells Yuya a duel is a conversation where your words and cards convey your will to your opponent, even if they're someone else's words and cards. Yuya thinks back to all the people he's dueled and learned from, and realizes this is Jack's lesson about carrying the feelings of his defeated opponents with him. Yuya's dueling is not his alone, but was forged by all of his friends and foes to make him who he is. Yuya begins his turn and draws "Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon." With Nirvana High Paladin and Acrobat Magician in his Pendulum Zones, Yuya Pendulum Summons "Bubbulldog", "Radish Horse", "Rubber Mutton", and "Timesword Magician" from his Extra Deck, and Odd-Eyes from his hand.

Meanwhile, during the duel, Sora and Tsukikage infiltrate Security headquarters and destroy the control system that lets Roget control his officers. Around the city the Security forces begin to come to their senses, and flee when faced by the riotous Commons citizens. Concerned about the chaos, Reiji orders the other Lancers to follow him. Reira, Gongenzaka, Sawatari, and Kurosaki go with Reiji, leaving Chojiro and Sam with Frank, Amanda, and Tanner, to watch the duel. The Lancers face the Commons to stop the rioting, while Sora and Tsukikage free Yuzu.

This episode contains the following tropes:

  • Anti-Magic: Red Demon's Dragon Tyrant's other effect is the negate the activation of magic and trap cards when it battles.
  • Be Yourself: In usual ARC-V tradition, this is played with. Jack's states everyone is influenced by the people around them and its fine to use their words as yours if you've mastered them and you can convey your will through them. Yuya realizes that while he was influenced by his father's words at first, he continued to change and grow because of everyone around him. In effect Yuya grows past copying his father's dueling style but still retains his father's influence.
  • Beyond the Impossible: Once again, Yuya. Not only is his Nirvana High Paladin the first monster to be a Pendulum Monster and a Synchro Monster, but if it's Synchro Summoned using a Pendulum Monster, then that monster can be treated as its Tuner. Not to be outdone, JACK ATLAS then reveals that just like in 5D's, he is capable of ''Double Tuning''.
  • BFS: Nirvana High Paladin has one and he can use it to summon an even larger BFS of light.
  • Character Development: Yuya realizes that his unique skill, the power that is his own is Pendulum Summoning. He later learns that his own duel has changed because of everyone he has fought. In effect his power was never his own, it was because of everyone that he grew.
  • Continuity Nod: Yuya remembers the talk he had with Shuzuo when remembering what made him unique.
    • The Crimson Dragon appears for the first and only time when Jack unleashes his Double Tuning.
  • Didn't See That Coming: Jack is stunned when Yuya performs a Synchro Summon without a Tuner monster.
  • Expy:
    • Red Demon's Dragon Tyrant is one for Scar Red Nova Dragon. Both are upgrades to a Red Dragon Archfiend have similar stats and are summoned by doubled tuning.
    • Nirvana High Paladin is one for Shooting Star Dragon. They are both summoned in a huge pillar of light, have similar stats and are upgrades to a level eight Synchro monster.
  • Good Counterpart: Nirvana High Paladin can be considered this to Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon. They are both one of a kind cards that a mix of two summoning methods, Synchro and Pendulum for High Nirvana Paladin and Xyz and Pendulum for Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon but they represent different sides to Yuya. Odd-Eyes Rebellion was created by his Berserk Mode and represents his berserk side's pure power and destruction as well as being created as a mix of two of the Dimension Dragons. While Nirvana High Paladin represents Yuya's ideal as an entertainer and pacifist as well as being summoned by mixing the Entermates/Performapals and Magicians archetypes.
  • I Am Not Left-Handed: Jack summons Red Demon's Dragon Tyrant, revealing that all this time he's been holding back an even stronger form of his ace monster.
  • Kick the Son of a Bitch: At the end of the episode, Reiji intends to personally take matters into his own hands by facing Roget in the Security Building.
  • Kill Them All: Red Demon's Dragon Tyrant's effect will destroy every card on the field except itself.
  • Lonely at the Top: The series makes the point that Jack is annoyed that there is no one that can challenge him and force him to evolve. Till he met Yuya at least.
  • Large Ham: JACK ATLAS reminds us why we ever called him this.
  • Light Is Good: Nirvana High Paladin is a white monster that uses light-based attacks and was that was bathed in light when it was summoned. It also represents Yuya's Entertainment Dueling.
  • Meaningful Name: Nirvana High Paladin
  • Mythology Gag:
    • Red Demon's Dragon Tyrant is a huge reference to Scar Red Nova Dragon, a Synchro monster that is summoned by doubled tuning and has the same attack points.
    • When Jack summons Red Demon's Dragon Tyrant he has a red aura around him and his D-wheel, similar to when Yusei would Accel Synchro Shooting Star Dragon.
    • In the summoning sequence for Red Demon's Dragon Tyrant the Crimson Dragon is mentioned and can be seen in the background.
    • The first part of Jack's summon chant for Red Demon's Dragon Tyrant is a verbatim quote of the first part of Scar Red Nova Dragon's summon chant. In addition, there are flames in his eyes right before he summons it, referencing Burning Soul.
  • Oh, Crap!: Jack is caught off guard by Yuya's Nirvana High Paladin.
  • Pet the Dog: Jack gives Yuya some tips about the true essence of Dueling and being a true "King".
  • Rule of Symbolism: Nirvana is, in Buddhism, a transcendent state free from suffering, desire, or sense of self. Nirvana High Paladin, in a similar vein, represents Yuya breaking free from the influences of others to establish his own Dueling style.
  • So Proud of You: Yuya ends up being the first Duelist (on-screen) to witness Jack's full power in the form of Red Demon's Dragon Tyrant.
  • Stunned Silence: The Tops and Commons reaction to Yuya Pendulum summoning five monsters at once.
  • Took a Level in Badass:
    • Yuya. Being able to summon Nirvana High Paladin and using a clever play to defend himself against Red Demon's Dragon Tyrant's attack
    • Red Demon's Dragon Tyrant is this for Red Demon's Dragon Scar-Light.
    • Nirvana High Paladin is this for Enlightenment Paladin.
  • Trailers Always Spoil: The preview for this episode reveals the monsters Yuya used to summon Nirvana High Paladin.
  • "World of Cardboard" Speech: This is Yuya's answer to Jack's "The Reason You Suck" Speeches.
  • Worthy Opponent: Just like with Sora, Jack finds Yuya interesting and decides to use his full strength as a result.

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