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Recap / The Prince of Egypt

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After Joseph and his family lived and died in Egypt, Pharaoh Seti (Patrick Stewart) was overwhelmed by the amount of Hebrews and enslaved them with acts of cruelty. In Goshen, Yocheved and her children, Miriam, Aaron and the newborn son, Moses quickly moved to the Nile where Yocheved sang a lullaby to Moses and left him in a basket. Miriam made sure if Moses survived. He was picked up by Queen Tuya (Helen Mirren) and stayed with Seti and his new brother, Rameses.


Decades later, Moses (Val Kilmer) and Rameses (Ralph Fiennes) caused mayhem throughout Egypt, to Seti's dismay. He punished Rameses for the mischief, even though it was Moses' fault. Seti requested Moses and Rameses to go to the banquet, where they see a desert flower named Tzipporah (Michelle Pfeiffer). After the banquet, Moses saw his true siblings, Miriam (Sandra Bullock) and Aaron (Jeff Goldblum) and was very confused until he heard a familiar lullaby. He ran into the temple and saw hieroglyphics depicting the harsh acts against the Hebrews. Seti explained it to Moses and the latter was horrified.

A day later, Moses saw a Hebrew slave being repeatedly beaten and ran into the Egyptian guard, making him fall into the ground. Moses ran away by himself until he was briefly stopped by Rameses. Moses told Rameses to ask the man he once called father. In the desert, Moses tore off his clothes and jewelry. He was picked up by a camel and sent to a tribe of Midianites, led by Tzipporah's father, Jethro (Danny Glover). Over the next few years, Moses became used to being a shepherd and married Tzipporah.


One day, he followed a lone sheep to a burning bush. The voice from the burning bush is God who explained to Moses that he was chosen to lead to the Hebrews to a land filled with milk and honey. Moses and Tzipporah returned to Egypt with her camel. Rameses was amazed by Moses' staff and hired Hotep (Steve Martin) and Huy (Martin Short) to use their magic but their snakes were eaten by Moses' staff. After the magic show, Moses talked to Rameses to let the Hebrews go. Moses gave Rameses' ring as an apology.

After Rameses denied permission to let the Hebrews go again, Moses turned the Nile into blood. God summoned eight more plagues to make Rameses less stubborn. At the ninth plague, Rameses and his son were fearful of Moses. God gave a message to the residents of Goshen to put the blood of a lamb on the door so God will passover their doors and smite the first born sons, including Rameses' son. Rameses was heartbroken and finally gave permission for Moses to let his people leave.


Moses and the Hebrews walked for many miles until they came upon the Red Sea, where Rameses and his army are chasing behind them. A pillar of fire appeared to distract the Egyptians as Moses used his staff to part the Red Sea. Halfway through the passage, the pillar of fire disappeared and Rameses followed towards Moses until the water closed directly around him, killing his army and sending him back to Egypt, broken and defeated. Moses freed the Hebrews, brought them to Mount Sinai and God gave him the Ten Commandments.


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