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Awesome Music / The Prince of Egypt

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While the entire soundtrack could certainly qualify to some, these are the ones that really stuck out.

  • As a musical, the film contains many songs of both emotional and artistic resonance, and has earned several awards for its soundtrack. Special mention goes to Ofra Haza who voiced Yocheved, Moses's mother, and sang the opening song ("Deliver Us") in seventeen different languages for the various dubs of the film, including her native Hebrew.
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  • "Deliver Us", the song in the opening sequence, not only for being a great tone setter for the entire film, but for being able to show both the cruelty suffered by the Israelites and the tender love that Moses' family had for him while being able to keep a consistent tone throughout.
  • "All I Ever Wanted" was great for two reasons. One, it was great way of showing Moses' inner struggle as well as the fact that his adoptive family truly did love and cherish him, and two, for being a piece that, despite its grand nature, managed to tell a very personal story with its lyrics.
  • "Through Heaven's Eyes", mainly because Jethro's actor has an amazing singing voice, but also for it being the point in Moses' Heroic BSoD when he finally manages to pull himself back together and find a new purpose in his life. It's a gloriously uplifting and jubilant number with a simple, yet fantastically powerful message for both Moses and the audience.
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  • "Playing With the Big Boys Now", being the closest thing to a Villain Song the movie has, manages to interweave excellent music with many of the names of the Egyptian pantheon into a very threatening backing track, in addition to playing up the pure arrogance or self-assuredness of the Egyptian priests. This cover by Jonathan Young and Caleb Hyles manages to be even better with intense guitar riffs and nice, creepy vocals.
  • "The Plagues" was an absolute wonder to behold due to the sheer creepiness factor from the opening, the feeling that this was truly the wrath of God himself coming to bear on the Egyptians, and for showing how despite the song being ostensibly about the Plagues, it was more about the bitterness and resentment that Ramses and Moses had come to feel for each other after all of their years as brothers and best friends. A Moment of Awesome, Nightmare Fuel and a Tear Jerker all rolled into one.
    • And if you think "The Plagues" was creepy in English, in German, it is raised to terrifying. It helps that the main choir puts much more effort into it.
    • The Hebrew version has the advantage of being in the actual language of the Bible - more so than the English one, it makes liberal use of direct quotes from the passages, and those lines that aren't are spoken using the biblical form of the language. To a native English speaker, the almost alien sound of the Hebrew language gives it an extra layer of eeriness that is somewhat like Ominous Latin Chanting.
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    • Jonathan Young and Caleb Hyles also covered this one, with Caleb's vocals highlighting Moses' desperation and Jonathan's showing Rameses' disgust, all while riffs and organs power the song.
  • "When You Believe", truly a triumphant song in every way, and the first time that the Israelites had ever felt true happiness after 400+ years of slavery. It absolutely deserved that Oscar win. For some context, the song sung in Hebrew by a children's choir as the Hebrews left Egypt is a translation of Miriam's song from the Bible:
    I will sing to the LORD, for He has triumphed gloriously,
    Who is like you, Oh LORD, among the gods?
    Who is like you, glorious in holiness?
    You in your mercy have led forth the people whom you have redeemed
    I will sing! I will sing! I will sing!
  • The Burning Bush. If there is any way to personify God through music, that is it. Beautiful, gentle, powerful.


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