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Recap / The Amazing World Of Gumball S 6 E 8 The Cage

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The kids convince Mr. Corneille to become a cage fighter and set up a fight against a fearsome Russian fighter.


  • Brick Joke: Gumball and Darwin get hurt walking into things while trying to lick their elbows. Later, it's revealed that Mr. Corneille got hurt the same way.
  • Curbstomp Battle: Not surprisingly, the fight (If you can even call it that) lasts all of 2 seconds before Mr. Corneille gets literally flattened.
  • Demon Head: Gumball when asking Mr. Corneille to teach him cage fighting.
  • Florence Nightingale Effect: Mr. Corneille pretends to be a cage fighter only because he had a crush on the school nurse. She found the thought of him as a tough fighter sexy, and he went along with the fight just to get her to kiss him.
  • Poor Communication Kills: Mr. Corneille mentioned that he got his black eye from the cage, which Gumball thinks it means that he's a cage fighter. Turns out Corneille meant that he walked into the hamster cage, and he only went along with it to charm the school nurse.
  • Punch a Wall: Mr. Corneille does punches the wall when Gumball tells him he can't fight, surprising them both when it appears to make an enormous hole. Unfortunately, it turns out to be an escape tunnel from one of the prisoners being housed in the school.
  • Training Montage: Parodied. Mr. Corneille's training for the fight consists of not training, under the notion that it just tires him out. So he just sits on his office while a song about training hard plays, until Gumball and Darwin (and the singer) get tired of just watching him do nothing.