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Recap / The Amazing World Of Gumball S 6 E 15 The Brain

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The Wattersons have to stop doing stupid things in order to prevent Anais from falling into a coma from facepalming too much.


  • All Just a Dream: The whole episode turns out to be just a comatose dream after Anais facepalmed one time too many (when Gumball said that a week was nine days).
  • A Child Shall Lead Them: Played for laughs, as Nicole makes a complaint about a teenage grocery store clerk to his supervisor, who turns out to be a preschooler who can't remember the whole alphabet. She tries to go further up the chain of command, and the ones there keep getting younger: the store manager is a baby, the CEO is a (talking) fetus, and his shareholders are implied to be a man's sperm.
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  • Cold Turkeys Are Everywhere: Anais is not supposed to be exposed to stupid stuff, but no matter where they go, someone is acting stupid.
  • Construction Zone Calamity: In the episode's climax, Anais wanders into a construction site.
  • Face Palm: Anais' condition comes from doing it constantly as a reaction to the others' stupidity.
  • Funny X-Ray: Shows a palm-shaped dent on Anais' skull.
  • Literal-Minded:
    • While Nicole and Anais were out of the house, the rest of family had put lunch in the oven... upside-down. When Nicole calls them on it, Darwin explains that the pack said to put it in the oven at 180 degrees.
    • When Nicole says she wanted the house "bleached clean" by the time she and Anais came back, Richard literally bleached the entire house white.
  • Never My Fault: The grocery store clerk refuses to accept a coupon Nicole has because it's a minute past expiration even though he wasted Nicole's time doing a Piss-Take Rap, and refuses to admit that it's his fault.
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  • Piss-Take Rap: The "Dill Pickle Rap".
  • Pretentious Latin Motto: The Watterson family crest reads "Familia Hic Insere Sententia", which, as Nicole points out, translates to "Insert Family Motto Here".
  • Shrunken Organ: The doctor shows a chart to illustrate how Anais' brain will shrink if her face-palming goes unchecked. Each brain size is named after a Watterson, with Nicole as the biggest and Richard as the lowest (which is well below amoeba and Off the Chart altogether).
  • Spot the Thread: Anais starts to realize that she's still in the hospital after she notices things like a bird chirping like a heart monitor or giant pills on a truck.
  • Wrong Restaurant: Richard mistakes the parking lot attendant booth for a drive-thru and orders a burger, makes the attendant give him his mints then paper hankies which the milk guy throws at him. Then Principal Brown in the car behind makes the same mistake.


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