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Recap / South Park S 9 E 14 Bloody Mary

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When Randy gets busted for drunk driving and sentenced to attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, he becomes convinced that his mostly out-of-control drinking is a disease. Meanwhile, a Virgin Mary statue begins to bleed from its butt and is declared a miracle.


  • Call-Back: Stan mentions to the Alcoholics Anonymous members that the way they're acting is like a cult, bringing up his time as the leader of Scientology as an example.
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  • Drunk Driver: Randy gets arrested for drunk driving and has to go to AA.
  • Kids Driving Cars: Randy, fully in his delusional state, forces Stan to drive him to the church where the bleeding Virgin Mary is by pulling a If You Won't, I Will on Stan.
  • Placebo Effect: At least when Randy thought he was cured by Virgin Mary, he was able to give up on drinking alcohol.
  • Sorry Ociffer: "What seems to be the officer, problem?"
  • Take That!: Towards Alcoholics Anonymous for their cult-like practices and applying the "disease model" to all problem drinkers even when its clearly not the case.
  • You Can't Fight Fate: The AA leader convinces Randy that his poor choices are this despite Randy's initial remarks to the contrary. He completely buys into it and becomes even more alcoholic as a result, much to Stan's annoyance.

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