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Recap / Mystery Science Theater 3000 Turkey Day 91

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Penn Jilette: Here's a special Thanksgiving hymn, from Comedy Central.
Joel and the 'Bots: (singing) We gather together / to watch cheesy movies
at Comedy Central / on Thanksgiving day.
At Mystery Science / (inhale) Thea-ter Three Thousand
it's thirty straight hours, / and it's called Turkey Day!
Penn Jilette: Catch Turkey Day! All day Thanksgiving, here at Comedy Central!
Crow: How come he doesn't have to sing?
Servo: He's in the union.
(Joel brandishes a butcher's knife, ready to serve Crow)
—Commercial for the Turkey Day '91 marathon.

Episodes featured:

The first of several Turkey Day specials that MST3K aired during its run on Comedy Central. Interspersed with the movies are bumpers with Joel and the 'Bots providing various skits and an ongoing storyline in Deep 13 where Dr. Forrester is running the 15-movie marathon in an attempt to break the masses and conquer the world, all while TV's Frank is putting together Thanksgiving dinner.

Crow: Turkey Fact No. 12: Turkeys are filled with enough L-Tryptophan to knock you on your sorry Thanksgiving ass.
Servo: NO! NO!


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