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Recap / Mystery Science Theater 3000 S 03 E 07 Daddy O

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Films watched: Alphabet Antics (short) and Daddy-O

An overly-saccharine short on the letters of the alphabet segues into an actually not-too-bad film, all things considered.

The Segments:

  • Joel and the 'Bots hang out at the office water cooler, shooting the breeze and checking out the new girl (read: Gypsy).

Segment 1/Invention Exchange

  • Joel has the air freshener mobile, which entertains babies while covering up typical baby smells. The Mads, still dealing with the giant baby from Time of the Apes, invented the Alien Teething Nook, an Alien-themed pacifier.

Segment 2

  • Joel sings the Pants-Up Song, inspired by Dick Contino's high, high pants.

Segment 3

  • The 'Bots take a stab at drag-racing; Joel plays any number of victims of their antics.

Segment 4

  • While demonstrating spit takes, Bruce the gym guy crashes into the ship. They really don't want to talk to him.

Segment 5

  • Joel needs to practice the apple-slapping scene. A first-grader and some integration test engineers have written fan letters. The Mads have their own fruit-slapping moment until the giant baby plays with the button, delaying the end credits thanks to strained carrots getting stuck in the keyboard.


The MST3K episode has examples of:

  • Audio Erotica: Joel and the 'Bots get rather smitten with Magic Voice when she announces the first commercial sign.
  • Continuity Nod: The Miracle Growth Baby from the previous episode returns, resulting in a baby-centric Invention Exchange.
  • Credits Gag: At first, the Mads can't get the credits to run for more than a few seconds.
  • Have a Gay Old Time: The Alphabet Antics short includes "Q is for the queer, queer pelican." Joel and the 'bots let it pass without comment, although Crow makes a quick side glance.
    • They were too busy commenting that the film had ripped off Ogden Nash.
      • Though the poem they were referencing was actually written by Dixon Lanier Merritt.
  • I Need to Go Iron My Dog: Frank has to go get a piece of water. Not accepted by Dr. Forrester.
  • Nepotism: Joked with Crow's "You see it doesn't matter how slow I go, I'll catch him; my son's the editor!" when Chillis kills Sonny by running him off the road despite the latter having a big head start.
  • Overly Long Gag: Two of them:
    • Joel and the bots' awkward silence during the invention exchange.
    • The Mads continuously failing to keep the button that runs the end credits pressed.
  • Running Gag: Let it be known throughout the lands that the Big Bad's defining character trait is love of BUTTER! Also, as was used in many other MSTK'd films, the sight of a character running for a phone booth prompts the cast to riff: "I gotta call my agent, and get me outta this film!"
    • All the fruit-slapping in the final segment.
    • Phil's pants and the fact they're practically pulled up to his armpits (which inspires one of the greatest songs of the Joel Era).
  • Shout-Out: "Jump back! Kiss myself!"
  • Spit Take: Joel demonstrates different types of spit-takes in one of the skits.
  • Unusual Euphemism: Joel's list of alternative names for the baby's poopie.
    Crow: ... "nimbus"?
    Tom: ... "chechure"?
    Joel (to Crow): Nimbus.
    Tom: ... the hell's chechure?


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