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Recap / Moshi Monsters Bungle In The Jungle

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Bungle in the Jungle is the thirteenth Moshi Monsters mission and the third mission of Season Two.

It begins on the Rhapsody 2. Click on Captain Squirk.`He says he's found an anonymous note leading to the ship's ignition key. The note will have a picture of the key, and it says Super Moshi! The key to the Zoshling UFO is being held at the Hoodoo Hideaway! A Friend... X. Click the green X to close the note. Your Super Moshi wants to investigate.


At Hoodoo Hideaway, click around. You will see that two Hoodoos are worshiping the ignition key like an idol and one is stirring a pot with what looks like Elder Furi's staff. One of them (the one with the greyish fur) is willing to chat. He's the chief and he tells you (in somewhat primitive speech) that the so-called idol fell from the sky, that his tribes have been fighting, and that if they have a big party with ancient Hoodoo Stew, it will resolve. Tell him you will talk to the other tribes. He says that you need to prove you're worthy for a sacred recipe book. Click on "Prove I'm worthy?". You need to play an arcade-like game where you move the mouse to bump the ball into the other side, basically like ping-pong. When you win, you get the book. If you ask why the tribes fell out, the chief will tell you that the leader of the Green Hoodoos sat on the chief's hat, but the chief thinks the green leader put it under the chief's butt on purpose. If you ask where the ingredients are, he will tell you to go to the Unknown Zone, Walla Walla Watering Hole and Snaggletooth Swamp. Then, say you're ready to go. The book says that Hot Hoodoo Stew has been carefully made for many centuries and was originally brewed to unite the splintered Hoodoo Tribes and that each tribe is responsible for one ingredient that cannot be found anywhere else. The recipe is one fried or microwaved for exactly 01:10:25 oobla-doobla, two coconut shells, a cupful of creepy crawlies and a bunch of purple bananas, in that order. Click the X on the bookmark to close the book. The chief sends you to the Unknown Zone with a lamp because it's dark. Click on the sign with the pink arrow to leave.


At the Unknown Zone, a Woolly Blue Hoodoo wants quick help. When you ask what the problem is, he says there's a nuclear frog in the pond that's "making the natural balance of the jungle crazy" so I have to remove it. Click on the glowing frog and you will face the Hoodoo again. Ask how the frog got there. He says it appeared with a microwave. Now, ask for help with the Creepy Crawlies. He says that there are creepy crawlies in the jungle and in the cave, but it will be dark. Find and click on all the bugs. Some of them can be found by clicking the musical plants. Now, open your inventory (the blue bag on the right) and drag the lamp onto the roof of the cave. Click on the E.P.I.C.S. on the floor and on all the creepy-crawlies. The Hoodoo directs you to the Snaggletooth Swamp, where Oobla-doobla grows. Click on the sign with the green arrow.


There, talk to the orange Hoodoo, whose name is Crazy Bill, who thinks your name is Clive. Ask for Oobla-doobla. He says that he keeps some for Dundee, but that he can't cook it as he smashed up his microwave but you can repair it. If you ask why it's broken, he claims that another person kept singing to him. If you ask who Dundee is, he will reply that Dundee is his pet crocodile who likes fried oobla-doobla and that I can ring the dinner bell to meet him. Then, promise to repair the microwave. Crazy Bill tells you that there are two noisy tin cans stuck in the swamp that need to be got rid of. In the swamp, Sprockett and Hubbs are up to their shoulders. Click on the robots. They will ask for help. You initially say no, on the grounds that they're with CLONC, but Sprockett says they're not with CLONC anymore. He explains that they were ejected from Scare Force One because the super weapon failed. They then promise that if you help them, they'll help you fix the microwave. Click on a vine. Then, open your inventory and drag it onto the tree branch. Then, click on the triangle and Dundee will come. Put some oobla-doobla in the pet bowl and ring the dinner bell again. (To get Oobla Doobla, click the stuff on the floor. It will now be in your inventory). Then, click on Dundee repeatedly to help save the robots. Click on the microwave. After four minutes, they will claim to need the frog. Click the frog, open your inventory and drag the frog, then the Oobla Doobla, onto the microwave. Then, click the microwave to close it. One hour, ten minutes and twenty-five seconds later, you will have some fried Oobla-Doobla. Put some of it in the pet bowl and ring the dinner bell. This will give you an EPICS. Then, click on Sprockett and Hubbs. Ask what happened to Dr Strangeglove. They don't know. If you ask if they're wearing coconut shells, Hubbs will say yes because they wanted to fit into the jungle. Tell them that they're robots and so won't fit in dressed like that, and they will give you the coconut shells. Click the Coconut Shells. After a short conversation with Crazy Bill, click the sign with the red arrow.

At the Walla Walla Watering Hole, click on the green hoodoos. A jive-talking Hoodoo and his silent chief want some purple bananas, but to get them, they need the key pieces. Click on one in the pond, one by the round statue, and one on the roof. Then, open your inventory and drag the pieces onto the statue from largest to smallest. Then, click the pieces to rotate them so they look like a face. Click on the vine with the bananas on to collect them. Then, click on the sign with the orange arrow. Open your inventory and put the ingredients in, in order. An EPICS will pop out when you put the creepy-crawlies in. Then, the party will happen. During the party, the key will sprout legs. Click to jump to help it escape. It will turn out there was a Moshling under the key. The Hoodoos let you keep the Moshling and the key, on the grounds that "the idol is false". Click the Moshling, whose name is Woolly, to adopt him.

Back at the Rhapsody 2, talk to Squirk. Your monster will tell him about how the Hoodoo tribe thought the key was their idol. Open your inventory and drag the key into the glowing hole on the left. This ends the mission.

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