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Recap / Legacies S2E8 "This Christmas Was Surprisingly Violent"

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Despite it being October, it starts snowing, and everyone in Mystic Falls is overcome with Christmas cheer, except for Hope, Lizzie, Sebastian, and Clarke (whom Hope made to look like himself using the ring). Hope sends Lizzie after Landon, and Lizzie brings Sebastian along. Hope suspects a new monster is responsible for everyone acting like it's Christmas. Clarke reveals that the creature is called a Krampus, who punishes the naughty ones. Hope manages to break everyone out of their state, and Alaric prepares the school for Krampus's arrival. Despite Clarke's expectations, the Krampus attacks him rather than try to save him. The Krampus is seemingly defeated by Hope, Kaleb, and Alaric, when his sack opens up, revealing Santa Claus, who explains he's been trapped in Malivore because of the Krampus. Santa and Krampus fight, with Santa killing the monster with Hope's assistance. Santa fulfills several wishes (making Alaric the headmaster, giving Kaleb the car he's been wanting since childhood) and flies away. Meanwhile, Landon reveals to Raf that he had Josie cast a tracking spell on Raf's lineage, revealing the location of his biological parents. They head to a cabin in North Carolina, where they meet a man named Walt who is revealed to be Raf's father. Walt explains that he's human, but his wife Lucia was a werewolf, who ran away when she learned she was pregnant. Raf decides to stick around for a little bit, while Landon tries to hit the road only to meet up with Lizzie. Lizzie tries to convince Landon to come back and face Josie and Hope. In order to speed up the process, Sebastian snaps Landon's neck and stuff him in the trunk, while he and Lizzie have sex on the car's hood. Sebastian tells Lizzie that he wants to stay at the school because it's the only place he's ever been to that's friendly towards outcasts like him. Landon returns to the school, tells Josie that he can't be with her, and professes his love for Hope. Clarke, who has developed friendly feelings towards Hope, decides to sacrifice himself by jumping into the portal to Malivore before his new body expires. Just before that, he is beheaded by the hooded figure, who is revealed to be the Necromancer. The Necromancer tosses Clarke's head into the pit, which closes up.


  • And Show It to You: This is how Santa kills the Krampus.
  • Auto Erotica: Lizzie and Sebastian have sex on the hood of Lizzie's car.
  • Badass Santa: Santa almost single-handedly defeats the Krampus by using his Super Speed and wrestling moves, before slicing the Krampus's chest open and tearing out its heart.
    Santa Claus: (menacingly) Ho... ho... (punches the Krampus) no.
  • Book-Ends: Sort of. Early in the episode, Dorian tosses Headmaster Vardemus's name plaque into a trash bin. Near the end of the episode, Alaric receives a new headmaster name plaque from Santa.
  • Cool Car: Santa gives Kaleb a red '75 Corvette, exactly like the one Kaleb's uncle Earl had when Kaleb was little. Averted with Lizzie's old car, which Sebastian finds fascinating due to being out of the loop for a few centuries.
  • Good News, Bad News: This is how Landon approaches telling Josie he can't be with her.
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  • The Krampus: The Monster of the Week.
  • Love Triangle: Finally resolved by having Landon choose Hope over Josie. Josie is left weeping in her room. Landon does, however, tell her that he doesn't regret a second of them being together.
  • Not Quite Dead: After being shot with a crossbow bolt to the chest, everyone assumes the Krampus is dead, only for Hope to notice other still being overly cheerful. After Santa reveals himself, he explains that the Krampus's heart is very small, making it difficult to hit. Indeed, the Krampus gets up and attacks Santa.
  • Not So Different: Neither Hope nor Clarke are big fans of Christmas. Hope lost many family members, while Clarke's only true family is Malivore.
  • Only Sane Man: Hope, Clarke, Sebastian, and Lizzie are the only ones unaffected by the Christmas spirit. Alaric is too at first, until Dorian gets him to drink some hot cocoa, cause Alaric to forget all his worries and put on an ugly sweater.
  • The Reveal:
    • Raf learns the truth about his biological parents.
    • Landon reveals that he remembers his biological mother after Josie's spell.
    • The mysterious hooded figure that's been present throughout the season is the Necromancer.
  • Santa's Existence Clause: Hope breaks apart the merriment at the school by telling them that Santa isn't real, devastating Pedro, who is young enough to still believe in Santa. She is the first to be shocked when Santa is revealed by real after all. Justified, since Santa has been trapped in Malivore for who knows how long.
  • Selfless Wish: Josie being Josie, her wish for Santa is for a perfect gift for her dad. Indeed, Santa fulfills it by giving him a new headmaster plaque.
  • Skewed Priorities: Lizzie's first reaction to the news that it's snowing hard in October is that all her winter gear has been boxed away and she doesn't know what to wear.
  • Slap-Slap-Kiss: The relationship between Lizzie and Sebastian.
  • Super Speed: Even Kaleb is impressed with Santa's speed while fighting the Krampus. Santa points out that this is how he manages to be in every house in a single night.
  • Under the Mistletoe: After Landon and Hope profess their love for one another, Landon points out that they're standing under a mistletoe. Cue a Big Damn Kiss.
  • Wrestler in All of Us: Santa does some wrestling moves while fighting the Krampus.


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