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Recap / Dan Vs.

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This is a recap page for Dan Vs. Spoilers are likely to be unmarked.

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    Season One 
    Season Two 
  • Dan Vs. The Family Thanksgiving: To the surprise of everyone, Dan ends up being invited to Elise’s Parents family Thanksgiving dinner.
  • Dan Vs. The Mall Santa: Dan believes that a new mall Santa Claus doesn’t possess the Christmas spirit.
  • Dan Vs. The Neighbors: Dan believes that his new neighbors are cannibals.
  • Dan Vs. Dancing: When Dan adds dancing to “the list”, Elise and Chris begin practicing for a dance competition.
  • Dan Vs. The Bank
  • Dan Vs. The Monster Under The Bed
  • Dan Vs. Golf: Chris’ new hobby is golf, and he begins playing the sport instead of spending time with Dan and Elise.
  • Dan Vs. The Gym: Dan’s experience with the gym causes extreme soreness the next day, so he sets out for revenge.
  • Dan Vs. The Wedding
  • Dan Vs. The Catburgler: Mr. Mumbles has disappeared, and it’s up to Dan to crack the case.
  • Dan Vs. The Dinosaur
  • Dan Vs. Stupidity: Dan believes that people today are not smart, so he tries to make it right for the Governor.
  • Dan Vs. The Telemarketer: A telemarketer won’t stop calling Dan, so he tries to find out who’s behind all the calls.
  • Dan Vs. Reality TV: Dan’s hatred towards reality TV leads him held against his will in a new TV show.
  • Dan Vs. Parents: Dan believes that parents aren’t disciplining their kids enough, so he believes he can show them by adopting a child of his own.
  • Dan Vs. Gigundo-Mart: A new store called Gigundo-Mart puts Dan’s favorite stores out of business and causes Chris to have an obsession with buying things.
  • Dan Vs. Chris: When Chris wins a toy from a contest with Dan’s help, Dan believes the toy should be his, so Dan and Chris develop a rivalry.
  • Dan Vs. Wild West Town: Dan wants a refund after he spends twenty dollars to get into a Wild West Town and finds it dull and not worth the money he spent.
    Season Three 
  • Dan Vs. Anger Management: When Dan is forced into taking anger management classes, he comes across a mild mannered but severely unstable class instructor.
  • Dan Vs. The Mummy: Dan seeks revenge on a mummy who steals his toilet paper and won't stop hanging around his apartment.
  • Dan Vs. The Boss: Dan is forced to get a temporary job in order to pay his rent.
  • Dan Vs. The Mechanic: Dan goes after a mechanic he believes is crooked.
  • Dan Vs. The High School Reunion: Dan goes after Chris' school reunion because they didn't invite him.
  • Dan Vs. The Common Cold: After getting sick, Dan tries to find a cure for the common cold.
  • Dan Vs. The DMV
  • Dan Vs. The Ski Trip
  • Dan Vs. Jury Duty: Dan and Elise are called for jury duty.
  • Dan Vs. Vegetables
  • Dan Vs. The Superhero
  • Dan Vs. The Family Cruise
  • Dan Vs. Summer Camp


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