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Nightmare Fuel / Dan Vs.

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Like a real boss!

  • In "The Neighbors", Dan plans on sending flaming logs flying through his neighbors window for absolutely no reason other than them being too suspiciously kind to him. Dan is a scary person sometimes.
  • "Come work out with us, Dan."
  • The Imposter's revenge plan against Dan gets rather... intense. Please note the moment he disguised himself as Mr. Mumbles.. and them waited for Dan to wake up. All to drive him insane.
    • He was TERRIFYING in this episode. He knew Dan's mannerisms so well he even know when Chris would be standing where, and how Elise would react to a trap. And you can't say his plan wouldn't drive you nuts, either, having stashed phones all over Dan's apartment, and even a transmitter in his tooth to make him hear voices. DAMN.
  • From "The Wolfman", the skeletons from the graves that Dan and Chris loot become alive and angrily chase after them. The one at the end especially qualifies, indicating that there's probably more out there looking for them.
  • The monster under the bed is pretty freaky until we find out it's all a clever ruse by Chris and Elise to get Dan to leave town.
    • The same episode suggests that Mr. Mumbles starved to death.
  • "Dan Vs. Technology", where Dan and Chris are trapped in the woods with a creepy guy who doesn't use technology, and end up trying to escape after he gets mad at them for destroying his technology free moving picture slide show of a fat woman in a bath tub. Seriously, he's got an axe, and after miles of driving away from him in a car, he's still chasing them.
    • Also from this episode, if Dan and Chris hadn't shown up, Elise could have remained as Ditmer's Cyborg Mind Control slave forever.
  • After Chris spreads litter across the elementary school grounds, Amber comes at him with a hedge trimmer.
  • The boss when we find out she's actually a demon could easily be this...if it wasn't so hard to take her seriously. Dan's reaction to her pretty much cements it...until he goes kidnapping Chris. Sure, he wasn't really gonna sacrifice him, but we don't know this til afterwards...
  • Even before the reveal, the family of cannibalistic escaped mental patients in Skiing are pretty damn creepy. They're just... Too nice.
  • The normally perky cruise instructor's Sanity Slippage in "The Family Cruise" is also unpleasant. Elise's parents along with Elise, Dan, and Chris end up being so obnoxious and destructive that she is literally driven insane and locks them in the ship's brig to drown after Dan's meddling places the ship on an imminent course with a giant maelstrom.
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  • Any mention of Dan's Mom can fall under this category, as it's heavily implied she was abusive. We see the effects that she's had on his personality ("Summer Camp" hints that Dan's the way he is now because he had to learn to lash out to get any sort of attention) and even his perceptions of what a parent should be (screaming at your infant child when they're crying to get them to pipe down is in Dan's scope of good parenting.) It's easy to be scared for Dan when any mention of his childhood comes up.


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