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Recap / Craig Of The Creek S 1 E 04 The Final Book

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Kelsey reaches the last book in a long-running series, and decides to hunt down the library's one overdue copy.


  • All Girls Like Ponies: Exaggerated with a group of girls Craig encounters in the field, who actually pretend that they are horses.
  • Crush Blush: Maney gets this when she sees JP
  • Eureka Moment: When Bernard sees Craig reading the The Smarty Boys, he points out that the culprits in the series are always the first person they meet. This makes Craig figure out that Stacks was the one who took the last book after remembering some of the comments from the suspects that matches the description of Stacks, who was the first person they met.
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  • Foreshadowing: J.P. comments that he thinks Kelsey and Stacks are the only two kids who reads the same book series and Stacks tugs her hair nervously when Kelsey tells her the final book she needs to read is missing. Then we learn at the end it was Stacks who hid the last book from Kelsey.
  • Gilligan Cut: Bernard tells Craig that the culprit in the Case Solving Boys books are always the first person they meet. Craig protests that it's not true, but then we cut to him finishing the book and realizing that it was the first person they met.
  • Occidental Otaku: The Ninja Kids, who reject all Western pop culture and only read manga. They become distraught when one of them is caught with a Western comic book in her backpack.
  • Reality Ensues: While trying to flee from Kelsey, the Ninja Kid with the red turtleshell attempts to do a Wall Run up a tree... and promptly falls down.
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  • Red Herring: Stacks tells Kelsey that a kid with a red turtleshell backpack may had taken the book, but she turned out to be a distraction. Stacks turned out to be the real culprit, hiding the last book because she was afraid that once Kelsey read it, she would stop coming to see her.
  • Shout-Out:
    • The Smarty Boys book series that Craig gets into is based on The Hardy Boys.
    • The red turtleshell backpack resembles a red Koopa from Super Mario Bros.
      • Also, the red turtleshell that one of the kids of the ninja garden is wearing (the one that is said to be a replica of the shell of a Kaiju named Bekkomon) is similar to a spike top shell.
      • The book report in the backpack is for a book about kids who live on a train
    • The manga that the ninja kids are showing to Craig and his friends during a flashback is called Two Piece.
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    • Bekkomon seems to be a combination of Gamera (implied to be a turtle kaiju) and Godzilla (having the title "King of the Kaiju").
  • Strictly Formula: In-Universe, according to Bernard, The Smarty Boys books always end with the first person the characters meet being the culprit.


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