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Recap / Calvin And Hobbes The Series S 1 E 20 Tonsil Terror

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Calvin's having a hard time getting up - even more so than usual - and though no one's surprised at first, his parents discover that he really is sick. The doctor says he has tonsillitis, and he's nervous about it until he's informed that he gets ice cream after the surgery.

Hobbes is delighted to have the house to himself, but he finds himself rather lonely. He calls Socrates, and the two party like never before.


Later, Calvin's mom drives him to the hospital, while Hobbes visits Socrates' mansion. The latter tells him an urban legend-type anecdote about a man who ended up scarred while at the hospital for a tonsillectomy.

Calvin sneaks throughout the hospital as Spaceman Spiff, inadvertently going down the laundry chute. He then shifts to Stupendous Man and gets caught by the doctors. Meanwhile, Socrates and Hobbes make their way to the hospital, the latter nervous about him.

After the surgery, Calvin's scream alerts the two tigers to his presence, and they try to get his attention, Hobbes worried about his life. A brief twitch sends him rejoicing, and he finally gets his ice cream.




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