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Recap / Archer S 6 E 8 The Kanes

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Lana takes Archer to visit her parents, before the group get involved in a high-speed car chase. Back home, the group get stuck when Krieger's van breaks down on the way to bowling.

This episode provides examples of:

  • Big Rotten Apple: Krieger, Cheryl, Pam, and Cyril get stranded when Krieger's van breaks down in Brownsville. Not only is this an actual neighborhood in Brooklyn, but throughout much of the 20th century it was one of the most infamous neighborhoods in New York for poverty, crime, and gang related activity. (Including being the birthplace for Murder, Inc.) In the 21st century it has been one of the few neighborhoods in New York where gentrification has had little to no effect, meaning the show's depiction of it is actually not that much of an exaggeration.
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  • Car Chase: A large chunk of the episode consists of Archer, Lana, and Lana's father Lemuel in a car chase after the men who stole Lemuel's research.
  • Cool Car: Lem's 68 Mustang GT Fastback. Archer is quite happy to get to drive it. The CIA get in on the car coolness too, with a blacked out 68 Charger R/T.
  • Embarrassing Middle Name: Lana Anthony Kane
    Lana: After Susan B.!
    Archer: Oh, right! Our ugliest president!
  • Even Evil Has Standards: Slater is sincerely apologetic over having broken in and opened fire on the Kanes' house when there was a baby in the house, and considering the money was transferred before Slater even made the offer, he clearly intended to compensate Lemuel for the loss of his research.
  • Every Man Has His Price: Lana's father initially rejects Slater's bribe, until he informs him the amount is a monthly payment. He immediately agrees to bury his research.
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  • Shown Their Work: Cheryl's comment about the irony of the neighborhood being called Brownsville when it was originally a Jewish neighborhood is entirely accurate.
  • Strawman U: The Kanes are academics at Berkeley, explaining how she got to be a Soapbox Sadie. They insist on nudity (going "sky clad") in their hot tub, are appalled that Archer has a gun and when Lana confesses that she is working for the CIA her father asks if she has helped overthrow any democratically-elected governments.
  • Television Geography: In what seems like it has to be a Shout-Out to The Graduate's very similar goof with SF bridges, Archer and Lana arrive at SFO only to take the Golden Gate Bridge to get to Berkeley as opposed to the much shorter route over the Bay Bridge, they even mess up the establishing shot by looking South, showing the bridge and SF instead of North toward the Marin side. The Later car chase takes them from Berkeley back into SF, again taking the Golden Gate Bridge, and even the episode's brief flashback features the Kanes illogically taking the Golden Gate Bridge into the City.
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  • Three-Way Sex: Archer comes to believe that Lana's parents are propositioning him for this and (fairly reluctantly) begins to go along with it. He's wrong, and it causes a lot of mortification and embarrassment.
  • Watch the Paint Job: Toyed with. Archer is heartbroken that the bad guys are shooting at the Mustang he's driving, although it's Lemuel's car, not his. Lemuel doesn't seem too irritated over the damage to the car, surprisingly.


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