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Recap / Animaniacs Episode 33

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Airdate: November 2, 1993

Opening Line- "Chicken Chow Main-y"- Wakko

Cartoons in Wakko's Body: Between each short, Yakko and Dot examine their brother and find a cartoon wherever it hurts.

Noah's Lark: A retelling of the legend of Noah's Ark, where Noah has to put up with the Hip Hippos.

The Big Kiss: Chicken Boo poses as an actor who gets a kissing scene with Hello Nurse.

Hiccup: Squit gets the hiccups, and Bobby and Pesto pull out all stops trying to cure him.


Tropes found in "Cartoons in Wakko's Body":

Tropes found in "Noah's Lark":

Tropes found in "The Big Kiss":

  • Big Damn Kiss: Is it ever! Unfortunately for Hello Nurse, it's with a chicken.
  • Paper-Thin Disguise: Chicken Boo's disguise in this short is nothing more than a false mustache. Only two people aren't fooled before Boo loses his diguise during the filming of the last scene of The Big Kiss; an interviewer who asks if Boo is a giant chicken, and Tony the Director, who is allergic to chicken feathers.

Tropes found in "Hiccup":

Closing Tower Gag: Wakko: "Wanna see me make bubbles with my spit?" Yakko: "Sure do! In fact, that's the theme of the next show!" Dot: "So don't miss it."