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Dan Vs. definitely earned itself its TV-PG rating, but it's still surprising how blind the radar is to this show, especially being a show on The Hub (which, while playing a few shows known for their radar-dodging antics, was actually a channel meant to be for kids and families)

  • "The Fancy Restaurant" actually got away with Dan calling the restaurant "Café Crappé" in a derogatory tone.
  • In "New Mexico", Dan is beamed up into a spacecraft and believes he is being abducted by aliens:
    Dan: Keep your filthy tentacles off my—! (puts hands over groin)
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  • Once Dan gets all of the maple syrup wiped off of him in "Canada", he gives Chris a suggestive look and says he's "so clean you could eat off of [him]. Dan then gets rather put-out when Chris says he's not going to do that.
  • In "The Wolf-Man" an officer tells Dan he is over the legal limit for fluff in his pockets. Dan replies by saying, "What I do in the privacy of my pocket is nobody's business!"
    • From the same episode, Chris tells Dan not to let anger eat him alive.
    Dan: You know what YOU can eat?!
  • In "The Dentist", after an attractive dental nurse refers to him as 'Danny', he corrects her, saying "It's Dan, and I'm a grown man with grown man needs."
    • Shortly thereafter, when a struggle erupts between the two after she tries to seat him in the dentist's office, he voices his suspicions that they will try to steal his kidneys once he's under.
      • During the call between Chris and Elise, Elise tells him not to put his hand in Dan's mouth because "it's filthy in there." Which can go both ways.
      • And then later, Elise and Chris watch a slasher flick, the plot of which or the particular scene they're on is defined by the latter as "a guy with a chainsaw in an orphanage."
    "Whoa momma!... That's a lotta blood."
  • In "The Animal Shelter", Dan goes to the hospital after being scratched by Mr. Mumbles, when this exchange happens:
    Doctor: Okay, let's get those pants off.
    Dan: Um... I'm here about my face being all scratched.
    Doctor: (chuckles) Oh, don't worry. I'm not a doctor.
  • In "Traffic," one of the things that stops Dan is a shepherd guiding his sheep across the road.
    Dan: "Move the flock out of the way!"
  • "The Salvation Armed Forces" blurs it to the radar, pixelating the rear hole in Chris' nightshirt.
  • In "Technology," when Hiram offers Dan and Chris to use his zoetrope, he tells them something a little personal:
    Hiram: Oh, I got one of a plus-sized woman in a bubble bath, but it's uh... it's for my eyes only, if you get me.
    Chris: We get you.
    Dan: Ugh.
    • While telling them, Hiram even suggestively wiggles his finger, and Dan quickly moves his hand away from the zoetrope.
  • In "The Barber", Dan inadvertently causes a pair of scissors to pierce a man through the chest. Dan had the guy on his revenge list, and when the guy got hit, he marked his name out on the list.
  • In "Art", Elise seemed to have enjoyed that nude picture of Chris a little too much.
    • Then there's this:
      Chris: Notice how the piece follows you around the room?
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    • Also from episode "Art", Dan says that vandalism is "the worst kind of 'ism' there is...unless you count fascism...and I guess racism is also pretty bad". Granted, he makes it clear fascism and racism are bad, but it's still unusual for a PG-13 show to even acknowledge those things exist.
    • The censors probably didn't even watch the episode. When Chris says he doesn't want to help Dan with his revenge that day and just wants to "make it a Chris day", Dan replies "Naked Chris Day? Gross! Put some clothes on and come help me."
    • And there's the vagrant pointing out to Dan that Mr. Mumbles should be Miss Mumbles by shoving her groin in the latter's face, as well as his nervous change of subject when asked the context in which that discovery was made.
  • In "Dan", Chris, under the conviction that his best friend has created an alternate personality as an outlet for altruism, calls Elise to inform her that he has 'snapped', to which she responds "Wait, how has Dan snapped? Clock tower?"
    • Yet another firearm-correlating excerpt is Imposter!Dan threatening to shoot our three heroes in 'self-defense' should they not leave what has become his squatter's hole.
  • One would think that there would be nothing to add to Dan and Colby each having their own 'encounters' with bears after handling some artificial pheromones in "The Family Camping Trip", but during both, you have the animals making some rather ragged, paced grunts.
  • In "Burgerphile", the Burgerphile founder offers to make burgers for Dan and Hortense. Dan says, right to Hortense's face, "I'll have mine naked."
    • The founder seems a little too eager to take Hortense away, like he wants her for himself. And since they get married, that's apparently the case.
  • From "The Lemonade Stand Gang":
    Dan: (calling Chris) I'm bruised and sticky!
  • In "The Family Thanksgiving", Chris awakens tied up in bed and turns to Elise, saying "What did we do last night?"
    • A few minutes later Elise says she knows why her parents are being so nice to Dan. Chris actually guesses "They're drunk?"
  • At one point, Dan's list displays "Movies about eunuchs" (actually it said eunices, which is an equivalent of a unicorn as seen in "The Catburglar").
  • Quite literally done by the less than jolly eponym of "The Mall Santa."
  • In "The Bank", Dan and Chris, who is dressed as a clown, are about to be arrested for breaking into a bank. Chris is worried about going to prison, leading Dan to ask him "You know what they do to clowns in prison?" before cutting to a commercial break.
  • In "The Gym" Dan actually says hellbent.
    • "We prefer the term 'heckbent'"
  • In "The Wedding" Dan almost calls Elise a "filthy whore", but gets cut off before he can finish.
  • From "Gigundo-Mart", after Dan catches Chris shopping at a supermarket that Dan hates, Dan outright accuses Chris of sleeping with the enemy.
  • Dan says "damned" in "Ye Olde Shakespeare Dinner Theatre". True, he was speaking in the Shakespearean sense, but it was still unexpected for TV-PG.
  • For most of the series Elise says "Oh my gosh!" as an exclamation, but in "The Dinosaur" she actually screams "Oh my God!" when Dan tells her Chris is dead. Chris ALMOST interrupts it, but it's still audible enough to tell she's saying God.
  • In "The Mall Santa", Dan shows his resume:
    6/19/04-6/19-04 — RIBLETS — CHICKEN GUY — My breasts are bigger than theirs.
  • In "Gigundo-Mart", when Dan gets put into a chokehold by a greeter
    Greeter: I learned this move on the beaches of Normandy!
    Dan: Shooting out, or shooting in?
  • In "The Ninja", a girl passes Dan, who is covered in lactose-free milk, and says, "Drinking problem much?"
  • In "Monster Under the Bed", Chris tries to comfort Dan by telling him it could be worse — he could have been harassed by 'Ugragoth of the DeviantArt'note . Note that this is the episode about the tentacle monster.
  • In "Dancing", it was suggested that several males might have been doing a mating dance...
  • The series was given a 12+ rating in Hungary, which lets the dub get away with more "risky" stuff than the original dialogue. For example, the titular character in Boss says "I don't give a shit" at one point.
  • "Canada" makes several references to Chris's Canadian ancestor having been in an intimate relationship with a yeti.


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