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"It's like there's blood on my hands. It's not coming off."
Vesper Lynd, Casino Royale (2006)

Rachel: You honestly think that's gonna keep the Joker from killing people?
Bruce: Maybe not. But I have enough blood on my hands.

"I found a way to live with the blood on my hands. But can you?"
Eric, Insurgent

"Two can live. Four will die. Your decision is symbolized by the blood on your hands."
Jigsaw, Saw VI

"I have been splattered with innocent blood."

"Zoey would've killed again, and I cannot deal with anymore blood on my hands."
Connor Walsh, How to Get Away with Murder

"I'm loyal to you, Master, I am your slave, I didn't betray you! Oh, no, don't! Don't kill me! Let me live, please! Punish me, torture me, but let me live! I can't die with all those lives on my conscience! All that blood on my hands!"
Renfield, Dracula (1931)

"And in that battle there was a man with more blood on his hands than any other, a man that would commit a crime that would silence the universe. And that man was me."

"What!? Who do you think you are, making accusa- I see it now. You're after my money. Do you know what I did for this money?! Th-The things these filthy hands have done to make this money?!"
Quincey Endicott, Over the Garden Wall

"There is blood on my hands — how long till it lies on my heart?"
Title of Chapter I, Tactics Ogre

"Cardassians were advancing on us, moving through the streets, destroying, killing... I was with a group of women and children when two Cardassian soldiers burst in. I stunned the one, but the other jumped me... we struggled... one of the women threw me a phaser and I fired... (Beat) The phaser was set at maximum. The man just... incinerated... there, before my eyes. I'd never killed anything before. When I was a kid I would worry about having to swat a mosquito. It's not you I hate, Cardassian. I hate what I became because of you."

Neither I, nor Superman, take human life. I know Zol-Am wasn’t technically alive. I know he was post-human. But still... These hands destroyed a thinking being. I realize why it had to be done. I destroyed M’nagaleh, when we last met. But it’s not something I’m proud of.

"I...I killed them. What have I done? The blood..."

"I am a murderous monster. My hands are stained red. Could one such as I truly hope for such a life? As the sole survivor of that day, do I... Do I have the right to live for myself?"
Dimitri, Fire Emblem: Three Houses, during his Redemption in the Rain in the Azure Moon route

“My hands...Useless, useless...”
— Attributed last words of John Wilkes Booth

your sword feels heavy. you look at your hands, your clothes. blood. so much blood.

"Kryptonite is deadly to all Kryptonians! So— while the lead in the magma kept the K from affecting me...the concentration of the lava...was enough to destroy Nam-Ek...disintegrating him utterly! I... I've broken my solemn vow never to kill!"

"Are these my hands, stained black with blood and sin? What wickedness I've wrought. And all for what?"
Oersted, after his Heel–Face Turn, Live A Live

Ellen: I want you to listen to me very carefully - I need you to shoot the driver.
Jessica (over the phone): What?! I can't! I won't!
Ellen: Now, Jessica! Do you trust me?
Jessica: I'm scared, Ellen!
Ellen: Do you trust me?!
Ellen: Then shoot the driver!!
(both yelling, then Beat)
Jessica: ...I've killed him!
Ellen: Good kill, Jessica, now stay low.
Jessica: He's dead!
Ellen: Are you at the Casino?
Jessica: I am.
Ellen: Go inside the building.
Jessica: Ohhh...I-I-I'm shaking...
Ellen: Head towards the roulette tables.
Jessica: There's blood on my hands!
Ellen: Are you on the tables?
Jessica: Yes.
Ellen: Remember the chips from before?
Jessica: I do.
Ellen: Take them and place them on 34 Red.
Jessica: I'll never forget his eyes!!!
Aunty Donna, Parody of the Television Show 'Ellen'