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Quotes / The Secret of NIMH

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Great Owl: "Why have you come?"
Mrs. Brisby:"Please...forgive me for disturbing you, but my sons life is in great danger...(Great Owl eats moth) The plow has come early this year."
Great Owl: "Move your family."
Mrs. Brisby: "Yes...I could move...but Timothy has pneumonia. He can't even get out of bed."
Great Owl: "You must move your place where it'll be safe from the plow."
Mrs. Brisby: "Please, there must be another way."
Great Owl: "There is no 'other way'. I must bid you good evening, Mrs..."
Mrs. Brisby: "Mrs. Brisby."
Great Owl: "Brisby? Mrs. Jonathan Brisby?"
Mrs. Brisby: "Why, yes! He was my husband! But how do you know about him?"
Great Owl: "That is NOT important. I will say this—his name is not unknown in these woods."
Mrs. Brisby: "Please...I'll do anything to save Timmy. Anything."
Great Owl: "There is a way. Go to the Rats."
Mrs. Brisby: "But I don't know any rats."
Great Owl: "In the rose bush."
Mrs. Brisby: "Oh yes. Near the farm house."
Great Owl: "Go there. Ask for Nicodemus."
Mrs. Brisby: "Nicodemus? But how can they help?"
Great Owl: "They must move your house to the lee of the stone."
Mrs. Brisby: "No rat could move my house. It's..."
Great Owl: "They have ways."
Mrs. Brisby: "I don't understand. But I will do what you say."
Great Owl: "It is night. I must go. Remember—the lee of the stone."
—Mrs. Brisby's meeting with the Great Owl

"You can unlock any door if you only have the key."
Mrs. Brisby (reading the inscription on the amulet.)

"Courage of the heart is very rare. The stone has a power when it's there."