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Funny / The Secret of NIMH

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  • Several of instances involving Jeremy, like a running gag involving him trying to make a love nest out of yarn.
    • Not to mention his disastrous attempts to babysit. Poor guy...
    • He temporarily lightens up the otherwise tense scene with Dragon by accidentally sneezing right into the cat's face.
    • Just the fact that Jeremy, a bird, is allergic to cats.
  • Martin and Auntie Shrew exchanging insults. Funny because Martin is just a child.
  • Brisby herself has funny moments. Pretty much saying no to Timmy wanting to go outside when he's whining about being in bed sick.
  • Mrs. Brisby flirting with Jeremy to convince him to watch her children!
  • Most of Brisby's scenes with Jeremy, just for how clearly he's getting on her nerves.
    • Such as when he asks for her advice in meeting female birds...and she tells him to be "athletic."
  • Jeremy taking Brisby on his back to see the Great Owl. She's already extremely nervous of seeing the owl (for obvious reasons), but she can barley hold onto Jeremy due to his reckless flying.
    Jeremy: Nice evening, huh? I told you you'd love flying.
    Brisby: I don't know how I let you talk me into this!
    Jeremy: Aw, don't thank me, Mrs. Briz. When we get to the Great Owl, he'll know just what to do about everything!
    Brisby: Owls eat mice!
    Jeremy: Ummmm...only after dark.
  • A bit of Black Comedy would be Mrs. Brisby's nervous laughter as she tries in vain to politely talk to Brutus as he's attempting to kill her!
  • Justinís introduction goes from tense to amusing in a matter of seconds:
    Justin: (whispering playfully, while grabbing Mr. Ages from behind) Reveal thy name!
    Mr. Ages: Justin! You featherhead! Get your hands off me!
  • The small moment of Snark-to-Snark Combat between Justin and Jenner when the former walks into the meeting hall with Mrs. Brisby and Mr. Ages.
    Jenner: Hear me! The Thorn Valley Plan is the aspiration of idiots and dreamers. We—[notices the trio and starts chuckling]...We were just talking about you.
    Justin: That's refreshing, Jenner. Usually you're screaming about us.
    (The court laughs, with even Jenner amused at the retort.)
  • A rather small one, but the moment that started the shipping between Mrs. Brisby and Justin has a pretty good exchange of dialogue.
    Mrs. Brisby (looking deep into Justin's eyes like she's smitten): How beautiful...
    Justin (in a "well now" sort of voice): Ma'am?
    Mrs. Brisby: Oh, uh... (Embarrassed, she laughs.) The lights, they're quite lovely.
  • The exchange between one of the home owners and a NIMH agent becomes this given how, while NIMH wants to destroy the rose bush to cover up their involvement in creating the rats, the home owner in question is elated he's getting a free exterminator service.
  • While the scene at the end where Jeremy meets the girl of his dreams is equal parts funny and heartwarming, we then get this comment from Cynthia.
    Cynthia: Look, Mommy! Another turkey!