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Quotes / Tear Off Your Face

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"You should see your face. Its confusion is delightful. I think I'll take it with me!"

"Oooh, faced!"

"Jeepers Creepers, Yamato, you don't go to heels on the boss! Now something messy has to happen! Now I've got to promote some other schmuck and make him wear your dripping face just so I don't miss you... So... God... Damn... Much!"
Daimon Kiyota, The Secret World

Captain Jamieson: Alright, attention everyone. For the first time in history, we may hear what a being from another world is trying to communicate to God! Switch on the translating circuits.
The Creature: (singing) I want to eat... your face. It could just be... so yuuuumy! I'd like to have your face... in my tummy!
The Creature Wasn't Nice (1983)


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