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Branded into covert teams, Penal legionnaires are tasked with the most dangerous missions where their unorthodox abilities and unique skills are essential for victory. They include soldiers from many different regiments, repentant souls who have been chosen to fight and redeem themselves of their crimes.

Some want to die in battle and forget their disgrace, but the toughest, the most dangerous, the born killers, somehow survive. For every hundred pathetic miscreants that die whimpering under enemy guns, one mad killer emerges triumphant, screaming his insane anger.

"There walked a lonely man, silent, mute, the only man not knowing how, not knowing why was he the sole survivor.
Why should he be alive, breathing still while others died, and the only question: why was he the sole survivor?"
— "Sole Survivor", by Blue Öyster Cult

Oh, my friends, my friends forgive me,
Surviving something like that, you go through a lot. Accepting the loss of those who died, what they died for. It's a heavy burden, to be the sole survivor.

Hundreds leave. A handful stay. Only one looks back.
Dilios, 300


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