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Sand: Oh, very well. Give [the Shards] here and let me see what my keen arcane senses can determine...
Sand: *Picking himself off the floor* Well, it seems to have some... resentment, to being scryed.

Hiya, Chuck. I know you're watching. A quarter in the slot for a peek? Dirty voyeur-voyeur-voyeur. Enjoy the show? Guess it's my turn, eh, Chuck? Don't struggle. Fair is fair. What's a little mutual violation between friends? Hush now, Chuck: I'm just going to stare into your slot...
The Black Signal, The Secret World

Elizabeth Braddock is a telepath, and her first reaction will be to learn the intruder's identity by scanning her mind. With Cobweb, As You Know, this is a grave mistake. Cobweb is in constant psychic contact with a number of past and future versions of herself, forming the time-spanning web from which she derives her name. Cobweb is used to this sensation. It may make her a little... ah, irritable at times, but her mind can handle reality from this somewhat curious perspective. Elizabeth Braddock, however, will be plunged suddenly into a world where time has no meaning, where past, present, and future melt into a terrifying kaleidoscope. For her sanity to survive, her mind will have to shut itself off.

Crichton: There are so many things that I want to say to my family and friends. If you could absorb these thoughts - could find a way to get a message back to Earth...
Zhaan: You want me to join with you in Unity.
Crichton: I just want my dad to know...
[She undoes his restraints and places her hands on the sides of his head in preparation for Unity]
Zhaan: Concentrate on me...
[Suddenly, Crichton has been replaced by the Scorpius neural clone, and Zhaan is in agony]
Harvey: Hello, Delvian. 10th level Pa'u? Pity. 12th could break this bond. Time to pray...

Kami: [telepathically] I wanted to tell you that Mr. Popo has acquired the final Dragon Ball and is ready to summon the Dragon.
King Kai: [also telepathically] Awesome! Now let me talk to him.
Kami: Heh. If you insist.
King Kai: Alright, now, Mr. Popo- [BOOM] BLARGH! How the hell do you work with this guy!?
"My manager sent me to courier a message for your C-suite crisis team. Hand-to-hand, eyes only, because the regular networks are all compromised. I'm supposed to deliver it in person, so-" McKracken looked at me - "I apologize in advance," he says, then hits me in the face with a soul-gaze.
I manage to catch him under the arm before he crumples, and save his pint from spilling for the second time in a minute, and I'm pretty certain I managed not to take a bite out of him but dammit, it's a really bad idea to take me by surprise that way.

Elizabeth: One of the assistants I gave to Diablerie was a telepath, under orders to secretly read his mind and determine his intentions. This is the report he submitted.
Alison: He wrote all this?
Elizabeth: No, that's book one. I gather that book thirty will be completed as soon as he sneaks another crayon past the orderlies. Diablerie seems to have a very effective psychic defense mechanism.

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