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"The Panties Persuade You!"
Tagline for Najica Blitz Tactics

Balrog: If you pause it right there, you can see her underwear. Ha ha ha!
Worker: Get back to work, Balrog.

"I see London, I see France..."
Pee-Wee, in the episode of Pee-Wee's Playhouse in which he turns invisible and pulls Miss Yvonne's dress up

"There's always room for more panty shots!"
Adam Blade, NEEDLESS

"Ladies! If we are all done losing ourselves in Anya's derriere, we have a test to finish!"
Male gym teacher, Anya's Ghost

TheMapleSyrupShow, who says this numerous times in his Let's Play of Sonic Adventure 2: Battle

"We can see your underwear from down here
We can see your underwear from down here
We're not gonna lie
Baby this we can't deny"
Royal Republic, Underwear

Because right now, despite knowing what was about to happen, despite being aware of the consequences… he found himself unable to look away as a gust of wind pushed across the flight deck, billowing Asuka's dress at her waist and giving the trio of young men in front of her a splendid view of her utterly gorgeous legs and white, lacey –probably cotton- undergarments-

"Ken, you can't use the Impact Replay to look at underwear!"

Underwear!! These pieces of fabric protecting one's most delicate areas, are unexplored mysteries to the opposite sex. They are sacred territory, the likes of which eyes must not be laid upon! And those who have given into their most base of perverted desires cannot help but feel joy on seeing such a sight!

It was then that Nuden Keute ran between the monster and its helpless target, spun on one heel and crying "Nuuuuden Neutronnn Powerrr Pantiiiieeees!" flipped up her pleated mini-skirt. There was a blinding flash and Godzilla staggered backwards, an afterimage of blazing white knickers burnt permanently into its retina.

That someone tried to destroy Enterprise every week made the crew horny enough. Now he had women in fuck-me boots flashing their panties every time they went up a ladder. After two near reactor breaches Trip had banned all female personnel from the catwalks of Engineering.
Farce Contact, a Star Trek: Enterprise Parody Fic

As Zoe climbs down a ladder, Sue spits out her tea.
Sue: I can see what Zoe had for breakfast!

"She's presenting like a mandrill!"
Servo on a gratutious panty shot in Space Mutiny