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It occurred to me that if I could invent a machine, a gun, which could by its rapidity of fire, enable one man to do as much battle duty as a hundred, that it would, to a large extent supersede the necessity of large armies, and consequently, exposure to battle and disease would be greatly diminished.
Richard J. Gatling, the inventor of Gatling guns.

"How-To-Use: Invite 50 of your least favorite people to join you in a small room, then settle your differences. The mini gun is an ideal anti personnel, anti vehicle, and anti passive resistance weapon."
— A line in a promotional image of Saints Row 2

First rule of TV: every third act needs a minigun!
Cameraman from FUZZ activity, Saints Row 2 proper

"It's like firin' a chainsaw."

"This is the kind of gun they used to put planes on. It wasn't a case of 'Oh, we got this jet fighter, it kinda needs something besides missiles and bombs and shit, let's strap this thing on'. NO. It was a case of a guy making a gun SO awesome, that he just stepped back, and said, "This shit needs to fly'. And everyone else is like, 'You can't make a gun fly!'. And the first guy is all like, 'Fuck you, yes I can. I will strap a plane to this gun.' And everyone's like, 'You mean strap the gun to a plane?' And the first guy is like, 'No, man. I am strapping the plane to the gun. The plane is an accessory.' And then everyone's minds were blown. Like, there was some serious mind blowing going on there. Ears were bleeding. Synapses just went and committed suicide because it was so awesome."

Hitgirl: It's even better than in the picture!
Big Daddy: That's because in the picture, it didn't have gatling guns.

During the pursuit, Steven Heck (at Agent Thorton's request) arrived to offer emergency backup. Said backup came in the form of Heck crudely mounting a minigun to a subway car and firing wildly at Chinese secret police officers as his train passed the platform.

The rotating barrel assembly on the Strohl Munitions Short-barrel handcannon may give the user a wicked pinch if the weapon is held incorrectly. This makes it an unpopular selection for many military forces. Also, it can be configured to send anywhere between five hundred and five thousand projectiles per minute downrange with great accuracy, making it an exceedingly unpopular selection for the enemies of many military forces.

An entire supply battalion laden with ammunition and batteries staggered after a lone soldier armed with a handheld mini-gatling.

"Gatling gun gets mounted on the tank. You know what the recoil is on those things? I dont want some bullheaded idiot... which we have plenty of, to think they can wield one like you see in action flicks....Then take off like a rocket ship... Then again, it would be a hilarious case of natural selection at work."

Spits enough lead into the air to be considered an environmental hazard
Minigun description, Doom, the Roguelike

"Doesn't matter how many rats you hustle up...! You won't be able to win against a Gatling Gun!!!"
—O.Dio, Live A Live.

"Tell you something, size does matter. Don't let anyone tell you different. This is an M134 7.62 minigun, six individual barrels. The "Torso Taker", "Powder Maker", the boys in uniform call it "Uncle Gazpacho" and "Puff the Magic Dragon."
Justin Hammer, Iron Man 2

What's more effective than bullets? A whole LOT of bullets. With a fire rate of 3500 rounds per minute, the Minigun remains a mainstay of any heavy engagement.
"Lead Storm" Powered Minigun description, Deep Rock Galactic

Gatling Gun: The symbol of mechanized Victorian death-dealing — a multi-barreled mechanical machine gun, operated by a hand crank.
GURPS Vehicles: Steampunk Conveyances.


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