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No! My beloved peasant village!: The hero's home town, city, slum, or planet will usually be annihilated in a spectacular fashion before the end of the game, and often before the end of the opening scene.

Wiz: At first glance, this town appeared calm and peaceful, not worth a second look.
Boomstick: Until a sword-wielding goth guy found his alien mother hidden inside. He celebrated with fireworks.

"The common people pray for rain, healthy children, and a summer that never ends,” Ser Jorah told her. “It is no matter to them if the high lords play their game of thrones, so long as they are left in peace." He gave a shrug. “They never are.”
Ser Jorah Mormont, A Game of Thrones

This little hamlet has too much boring and not enough burning... Torch everything!

These boys are now our soldiers! They belong to me now! If you try to get them back, your whole village will burn! If you ask the Karen Rebels for help, I will cut out your tongues! If you go against me, I will feed you your intestines! Hear me, believe me, and fear me!
Major Pa Tee Tint, Rambo IV

Bevil: We're under attack! West Harbor is under attack!
PC: What? Why would anyone want to attack us?
Bevil: I don't know! For food? For fun? What does it matter!

Our hero resides in the quaint idyllic fishing village of Arni. Despite being a remote, harmless berg full of peaceful folk living simple lives alongside Serge, shockingly enough nothing bad ever happens to Arni. Really. It's never razed to the ground by an evil empire, its citizens are never butchered by raiding hordes of monsters, and Serge is never even exiled from the place. It just remains a chill little town.
I know, it's bananas!

Where's my cottage? ... TROGDOOOOOORRRR!!!
Rather Dashing, Peasant's Quest trailer

They rebuilt Mindoir... it wasn't the same.
Commander Shepard (colonist background), Mass Effect 3

The last day dawns on the kingdom of Ascalon. It arrives with no fanfare, no tolling of alarms. Those who will remember will speak fondly of the warm morning breeze. People carry on with their daily lives, unaware that in a short while... everything that have ever known will come to an end.
Narrator, the first lines of Guild Wars: Prophecies

The ashes were trampled into the Earth, and the blood became as snow. Who knows what they came for... weapons of steel, or murder? It was never known, for their leader rode to the south, while the children went north with the Vanir. No one would ever know that my lord's people had lived at all. His was a tale of sorrow.
The Wizard, Conan the Barbarian (1982), about the destruction of Conan's village.

You destroyed my homeland, took away my family, and left me with nothing!
Thief King Bakura, Yu-Gi-Oh!

Pat: It's been a while since I played an RPG in which a town had the word "FUCKED" written on it so big.
Liam: From the very beginning.

First Krypton died. Then, I was the only one to escape the destruction of Argo City...


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