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The Dreaming Ones woke. Then there was-was eating. EATING. Devouring matter and light and gravity and time and slurping the skin of reality. Even black holes nervously closed their slavering event horizons for fear of offending worse predators. The Dreaming Ones ate and ate and ate - then they left. One by one distant stars will wink out.
The Buzzing, The Secret World

She seeks the death of all Jedi, all Sith... and the death of the Force. It is madness, it is impossible - but she believes you are the key. There are places in the galaxy dead to the Force, where nothing lives - where the echoes travel forever and do not reach their destination. And these places may be created, even from the simplest of events, the slightest of motions. One person, at the right place, at the right time, can change the face of the galaxy - or end it.

Natalia Pushkin: This place is called Ember, child, and in this time, Earth is nothing but ashes, lost in the dark. What's your name?
Alexei Korolev: Alexei... Alexei Korolev. I'm so cold...
Natalia Pushkin: The cold is all there is, now. Look up, Alexei. Look up into the night.
Alexei Korolev: But the... the sky - it's so black! Where are all the stars?
Natalia Pushkin: Dead. All save one. There - do you see it?
Alexei Korolev: So faint! Like a dying candle...
Natalia Pushkin: The last sun, kept alive beyond its demise by force. But now even that is fading away. The other stars are gone, bleeding away their light, collapsed to barren Brown Dwarfs. This is entropy, child: the death of the universe.

Serron, Adam, Steve: Don't look at me!
Adam: By the way, myth confirmed!

Kodos: Smooth move, Space Lax. You've destroyed the totality of existence!
Kang: It'll be fine. I'll just leave a note.''

"You and your twin primed the machine, but this little baby still needs a lot of fuel. So it's breaking down your dimension. Soon, your reality will collapse into a one-dimensional point in time and space."

What? You mean my mucking about with reality itself has... repercussions? Man was not meant to have the power of God? I, Joker, might destroy the life of every living thing in the universe! No duh. Tee-hee. A little ghost bird already told me what my diddlings and fiddlings were doing to the brief history of time - and I never heard anything funnier! That's why tomorrow, I'm murdering everyone in the universe, forever! Think of it! The culmination of a life's work, the ultimate expression of the Id unleashed - COSMOS-A-CIDE!
The Joker, Emperor Joker

Death scenario number six. Caught in the crossfire between time-travelling Anti-Nazis sent back to kill him and time-travelling Nazis sent back to prevent his assassination. Finally saved by his future self, Hitler forgets the first rule of time travel: never touch your doppelganger. Killed by space-time paradox. Result: causality loop annihilates time and space and destroys all life in the univ-
[Multiversity crashes and reverts to Blue Screen of Death]

The Doctor: History has collapsed. Whole races have been deleted from existence. These are just like after-images. Echoes. Fossils in time. The footprints of the never-were.
Rory: Er, what does that mean?
The Doctor: Total event collapse. The universe literally never happened.
Rory: So how can we be here? What's keeping us safe?
The Doctor: Nothing. Eye of the storm, that's all. We're just the last light to go out.

Space Guy: Well, um, when I said make "this" stop, I think the computer interpreted my command a little broadly.
Nash: How broadly?
Space Guy: Have you ever seen Tub Girl?
Nash: That's... pretty broad. Bottom-line it for me.
Space Guy: Well, um, imagine a twinky the size of New York, and then-
[A massive explosion tears through the universe, leaving Nash, Stickboy, Space Guy and Arlo standing in a Blank White Void]
Now, let all the tyranny of the Maestros have seeded come to an end... from Evuntayd to the Unrelenting Sea of Placidity beyond the myriad sunsets of ancient Dimarth and everywhere in between - everywhere the forces of light and darkness battle for supremacy. I, Mardok Kahzar, return all of it to the atoms!
The powers unleashed in the initial clash are beyond the power of words to describe. Many of the edicts of nature fall victim to the assault. I sense near collapse along the entire spectrum of reality. Fear grows within my heart. The fear that I am witnessing the end of the universe!
Uatu the Watcher, The Infinity Gauntlet

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