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" of the most bizarre [interactive movie games] of all... was Brain Dead 13. Now, being in an interactive movie means that the whole game is pretty much one huge Quick Time Event. If you push the wrong button or you dilly-dally for too long at any point... *spit noise* you're dead! What's worse is that the game doesn't tell you which button to push, or when. Lucky for you, though, you've got infinite lives. And also, like Dragon's Lair, the animations are good, like... they look like a Saturday morning cartoon from the '90s. [...] Despite its cartoony looks, Brain Dead 13 is one of the most violent games that I've seen in a good while. If there were blood in it, I'd say it's actually more gruesome than Mortal Kombat. [...] BUT, does Mortal Kombat have someone shred a guy to bits in a blender and drink 'em? I guarantee you... it does not. [...] With all this violence and... sexual content... It surprises me that Brain Dead 13 got a K-A rating. For the youngsters out there, that's basically the '90s' equivalent of an "E" rating. I think the fact that it's a cartoon... makes it more disturbing, and it probably left more than a couple of kids messed up. [...] Only problem is, most people these days probably don't have the patience to sit through a trial-and-error game like this. ... Then again... maybe... that's for the best."

"Just to prove that this game isn't messing around... Yes, you can die within the first two seconds."

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