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  • The whole final battle sequence that takes place entirely in the dark! Combine that with Tired of Running, More Dakka, a Badass Arm-Fold, a "Take That!" Kiss, dance moves, and some Funny Moments, as well as Pre-Asskicking/Pre-Mortem One-Liners, and you've got yourself one TRUE Moment of Awesome! This video explains it all.
    • One badass Moment of Awesome near the end of the Vivi's Salon sequence, when Lance makes a badass Bond One-Liner to her:
      Lance: Hey, Viv! I'll take a rain check on that... bite!
  • Combined with Visual Effects of Awesome and Scenery Porn: The confrontation scene with Neurosis has only small lights lined up in a row that light up the total blackness in the room, and it's all in Conspicuous CG (except for the characters, of course). Add a bit of the Gratuitous Disco Sequence with More Dakka from Fritz that lights up the scenery, and the whole thing is just awesome indeed. Whoever thought up a final confrontation to be a whole disco that takes place entirely in the dark should be very proud of themselves, like something that only Quentin Tarantino would think up.
    • Also, most of the resurrection scenes, such as floor panel lights that make Lance reappear if he dies during the dark disco sequence; the lightning bolts that bring him back if he dies during Moose's sequence; and the aforementioned "flames of rebirth" scene on the YMMV tab.
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  • Lance knocks Fritz down an overly-long stair case no less than four times going up to confront Neurosis. He claims that "It's just me, and you". Neurosis calls for Fritz, and he shows up instantly, ready to kill Lance five ways from sunday.

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