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Dr. Neurosis on being called an 'average mad scientist' by Lance.

  • Certain deaths Lance comes by, even though some all have disturbing settings, others come in humorous and twisted ways, such as being killed by Fritz with a mixer, having a book or a giant stone football thrown right down his throat by an undead librarian or a Frankenstein-esque jock, or even crashing with a wall when he holds on a witch's broom.
    • After defeating Neurosis and Fritz, you have one final input to make before Lance can escape the collapsing castle. Does the debris crush him if you don't? No. A grand piano does. Before the castle even starts breaking down. You can feel the sadism of the creators.
  • At the beginning of the game, how did Lance fix the computer of the Mad Scientist? By placing bubble gum note  on the core.
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  • When Dr. Neurosis orders Fritz to kill Lance, he puts on a cannon hand and loads a cannonball and aims at him. How does Lance stop him?
    Lance: Okay, Lance, think fast, Lance...
    (Fritz then closes his eyes and covers one of his ears as he waits for the 'Boom'.)
    Lance: BOOM!
    (Fritz opens his eyes and sees Lance that he's still there alive.)
    Lance: Hiya, pal!
  • When Lance and Fritz had crashed on a side of a room after falling from the upper floor through the chimney, he finds someone nearby with their head stuck with vase and he pulls it out, revealing to be Fritz. His response?
    Lance: Hiya, freak!
    (Lance slams the vase at Fritz, who comes growling face to face with Lance, who then pokes Fritz in the eyes, causing him to cover them... with his hook hands)
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  • During the Vivi's Salon scene in which Fritz escapes from the spiked coffin, he puts on a razor,note  but just as Fritz is charging at Lance, he trips over a skull.
  • The multitude of poses Lance goes through as he dodges Fritz's final onslaught of bullets.
    • Not to mention that he even goes on Mooning him as well!
  • Fritz's LONG trek down the staircase. With everything he's put you through, the whole sequence is just plain beautiful.
  • Most of Moose's dialogue bordering on Gretzky Has the Ball:
    Moose: Alright, squirt! Third down, bases are loaded, and we're pulling the goalie!
  • When Lance tells Vivi, "There's this freak of nature chasing me and—", you can see that Lance's face makes an imitation of Fritz on the words "freak of nature".
    • Also, when you choose either a shave, manicure, or facial, she gets overjoyed and wheels Lance to the left or right, and he gives out a muffled "Uh-oooohhhh!" while her Gag Boobs jiggle around as she walks.

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