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Nightmare Fuel / Brain Dead 13

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Deaths that occur to Lance in this game are shown to be quite disturbing for a K-A game, just look at the picture on the right!

Despite its fairly cartoony style, you can't really expect less from a game with nearly 100 distinct very graphic ways to die. Also, despite the fact that there isn't technically any blood or gore in the death scenes, many of them are still VERY disturbing. This game was able to get away with a kid-friendly rating because of certain concessions (no blood or gore, Lance immediately revives after every death, etc.), but the graphic cartoon violence could still keep many a kid awake all night with fear.

Here are the many examples for this page:

  • That puppet in the music room, who chokes you with his strings and pulls you offscreen. God, those eyes when he does it...
  • The worms in the library, who, as graphically as the game's age rating will allow, burrow their way through Lance's abdomen and burst out of his back, and all the while he's screaming and grunting in pain.
  • The Jack the Ripper-esque ghost in the bedroom, who can tear your face off.
  • A few things in Vivi's Funeral Salon:
  • In one scene, if you hesitate on which path to go to, Lance will suddenly feel a jolt of pain in his head, which is splitting up vertically (putting new meaning to the words "splitting headache")... and then, in a Cruel and Unusual Death, he is torn apart in two by the eyes from behind by Fritz, revealing a skeleton that quickly falls into a pile of bones!
    • A similar Fritz-related death involves Fritz vertically trisecting Lance with his hooks.
    • Another Fritz-related death somehow manages to be WAY worse than being torn apart by the eyes. It starts when Lance suddenly feels discomfort in his body, as if he suddenly has diarrhea, then looks down and feels a swelling rupture in his chest as he grunts in pain and clutches himself tightly. Suddenly there is a chicken cluck as both hooks belonging to Fritz rip through Lance's chest and shirt, and then Fritz emerges and makes him burst asunder, tearing him apart in two completely! *max shudder*
  • In another crossroads path scene, if you hesitate too long, Lance will get his skull knocked out of his head! No, really: he gets hit in the head so hard that he spits out his own freaking skull!! And his skull-less head will bobble upside-down lifelessly while his body is still standing before he finally collapses in front of Fritz, who has just whacked him in the head! *shudder*
  • The hedge maze is home to some of the nastiest deaths in the entire game, as taking just one wrong turn can result in any of the following:
    • Lance falls into a pit full of bloody spikes, as seen in the current page image.
      • Interestingly, that death is the only death with an actual Scare Chord.
    • Lance accidentally runs through one of the hedges, and emerges from the other side as a skeleton.
    • Mushroom men bounce in front of Lance, then one explodes into spores, causing mushrooms to sprout all over Lance's body.
    • Some sort of plant-tentacle emerges from the side of the screen, and tears out Lance's skeleton as he tries to escape, causing his empty skin to flop to the ground.
  • The statue stage at the end of the maze is pretty much Nightmare Fuel, as, at the beginning of the stage, the acid will suddenly form underneath the ground tiles, and if you don't move PDQ, they will wobble and collapse under Lance's weight, causing him to fall into the Acid Pool below; worse still is that the splash it makes causes the ground tile to fly and land on top of the acid, crushing him! As if that wasn't bad enough, the camera has to cut down to the ground of acid for a close-up. Dear God... the acid seeping out... his hands rising up and clutching one tile as he tries in vain to get out of the acid before one hand twitches and then becomes still... and it gets topped off with his baseball cap fluttering down and landing on his now-lifeless hand... *max shudder*
    • If Lance does make it through the collapsing tiles towards the fountain, he will repeatedly get doused in or sprayed by acid, revealing a horrific skeleton in many parts of the stage. One of the parts has Lance stumbling at the fountain and clinging onto a gargoyle statue for dear life, and he says to it, "Hiya, pal," before it sprays him with acid, exposing his skeleton with his hat on, still clinging to the statue before the entire skeleton falls off. To tell you the truth, this Nightmare Fuel is combined with a Funny Moment if left uninterrupted.
  • Dr. Nero Neurosis' moments in the beginning... Those Freaking Eyes!!!
  • In the Cocoon Room, a spray of acid can hit Lance's face, which melts along with his head (save for the eyeballs), and it is followed by his entire body melting away into nothingness! Yikes!
  • The egg-beater death is just very horrific and painful to watch. It starts with Fritz pouncing on Lance before going offscreen along with him, followed by Fritz's egg beater arm being lifted up and turned on before coming back down at Lance's screaming... followed by bits of his hair flying all over the place... and then Lance emerges battered and bruised with a black eye, his shirt ripped up, and his going bald... before Fritz's hook pulls him back down to finish the job. Not a pretty sight at all.
  • A few things in Moose's scenario:
    • If Lance doesn't dodge one of Moose's attacks or remains on him for too long without knowing which way to go, Moose will grab him by the neck and shoulders and, as Lance helplessly watches in fear, grabs our hero's underwear, causing him to wince in pain before Moose quickly pulls out his spine and pelvis (in a manner worthy of Mortal Kombat), splitting him in two completely!! This same move is repeated by the ‘stuffed’ Yeti in the trophy room, should Lance dodge the bat and acid dragon head.
    • Also, if Lance doesn't dodge Moose's baseball bat attacks, our hero will look up helplessly as the bat hits him on the head real hard, so hard that his earwax, snot, teeth and brains get knocked out and he collapses with a groan.
    • In another scene worthy of Mortal Kombat, one of the lightning rods that both Lance and Moose touch causes them to vibrate violently and explode! *shudder*
    • After Lance pulls the lever Up to Eleven on the lightning mechanism, breaking off the lever, but doesn't watch out for Moose climbing up the ladder, the Frankenstein's Monster Jerk Jock will grab him by the chest and shoulders, and then use a Megaton Punch to knock off our hero's head and send it flying before he pulls his headless body closer and looks at his neck in glee. So... shocking... in a manner worthy of Duke Nukem.

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