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Serah: This has gone too far. *clears throat* THAT'S ENOUGH! I've about had it with your mischief! You should be ashamed of yourselves for behaving like this. You should know better! Well, what you have to say for yourselves?
Flans: ...
Mog: ... They said they won't do it again, kupo.
Noel: Huh? No way?
Serah: Alright, that's a promise. Now, it's time for all of you to go home!
Noel (as narration): It was then that I remembered that Serah was a teacher back on New Bodhum, and the kids called her Meanie Miss Farron. I'd completely forget about that 'til now. I'll bet she was one of those teachers who were nice to you when you were good, but could scare you when you weren't.

[Headmistress] Elizabeth Amelia Carson stands six feet tall in her stocking feet. With heels, she’s even taller. She appeared to be in her thirties, but even the dimmest idiot on campus knew enough of her background to know that she’d fought Nazis back in World War II. Sixty years of combat experience has a way of maturing a person, I suppose. She’d gone through at least three husbands, and a half-dozen superhero identities. She’d held the Champion Force for a while, and then given it away. Rumor said that she’d gone toe-to-toe with Deathlist, last Halloween. She’d faced him and beaten him, the rumors said.
And now, she was facing us.
I noticed that my mouth had gone oddly dry.
Jobe Wilkins, upon being sent to the Principal's office regarding the creation of Belphoebe, Whateley Universe, "The Second Book of Jobe, part 2"

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