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"Your kids might not know the difference between Disney/Pixar and this. . . but you're the one who has to suffer through it."
Paul Feig: That joke cost...uh...several thousand dollars.
Kate Dippold: Is that true? Is that a real song?
Paul: Yeah, that's it fro-wait, it's from some Disney movie!
Kate: Really?
Paul: Yeah!
(A clip of the "Come Out, Come Out" scene from that movie where the joke that Paul and Kate were talking about came from plays.)
Mr. Plinkett: The most famous movie ever made? You know that’s in your movie now, right? And you don’t even know what it’s from?
Mr. Plinkett's review of Ghostbusters (2016), when he gives an example of just how clueless Paul Feig and Kate Dippold are about movies.

"Shrek is the best Disney movie and cory in the house is the best anime"
@Nabpokey talking about Shrek and Cory in the House.


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