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Quotes / A Winner Is You

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"Yes, I are winner!"

"I'm only here because gamers would be posting all sorts of complaints if we didn't include SOME kind of ending]]."
Professor Yaiman, Bangai-O Spirits

"You beat the game, you're feelin' pretty cool
You stayed up all night and missed a day of school
You played like a champ, so what do you get?
37 pounds of Jack Shit"

"You know, there's really no point in going on. It's not like there's a reward, like there's a pot of gold sitting on top of the TV. If you beat the game, it probably just says 'The End', and that's it. So in order to keep playing it, you gotta be a fucking nerd." [continues playing]

"I'm not restarting this shitty game just to see Suckbitch Sam roll by on a wheelbarrow while some pixelated assholes stare at me from under credits!"

Nerd: You know what? I don't expect a good ending, either. Why work hard on creating an elaborate ending when you've made the game so hard to figure out that there's not a chance in hell anyone would get that far? In fact, I expect a shitty ending. A fucking loathsome, ass-sucking shit-heap of an ending!
Grandma: oh!my dead little red hood! thank you for your coming!
Nerd: [untwists a beer] You did not disappoint.

"One paragraph? This game's ending is one paragraph? I played through this whole fuxking game for ONE PARAGRAPH!?"

I sat around leveling for hours, spent eons waiting to heal, and all you do for the ending is say congratulations. More like "Congratulations! It's over!", or "Congratulations! You never have to play Hydlide again!", or "CONGRATULATIONS! Throw this cartridge into a garbage disposal!"
Meltycat on Hydlide

"After an intense battle, our hero has claimed victory.\\\By the way, that text is the closest you're going to get to a satisfying ending around here."
Otimsuya, on the "ending" of Wolfenstein 3D (it says "VICTORY!")


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