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Basic Trope: Sex work is portrayed as enjoyable and safe.

  • Straight: Alice works as a prostitute. She gets to take time off without hassle, can say no to any clients she wants, lives in a setting where STIs are few and far between (and those that do exist are easily cured) and has access to reliable birth control. She is also treated with respect and dignity by her clients, law enforcement, and society at large.
  • Exaggerated:
  • Downplayed:
    • Alice's job is great because she's a well-educated High-Class Call Girl in a society where that's an acceptable job for a woman of her status and connections, but it's clear that prostitutes without her connections don't have such an easy life.
    • Alice's job is legal and regulated, but it's a job like any other; some days she has sex with handsome men who are just down on their luck, some days she puts up with creeps with one finger on the silent alarm.
  • Justified:
    • In this setting, Sex Is Good, and no one is scorned or viewed as immoral for having it or enjoying it.
    • Alice lives (and works) in an area where prostitution is legal and regulated.
    • Alice is a priestess who engages in sacred ritual prostitution in the name of a Love Goddess, and is held in high esteem because of her status as priestess.
    • Alice either doesn't have to answer to a pimp or a madam, or she works for one that treats her (and any of their other "employees") well.
    • Alice is a Cam Whore or phone sex worker, and thus never has any actual contact with her clients.
    • Alice is a High-Class Call Girl.
    • Alice enjoys the flexible hours and the pay.
    • Alice engages in Platonic Prostitution, or is more of an escort; she does not provide sexual services.
  • Inverted: Alice works as a prostitute. She catches hell from her pimp if she takes time off, or refuses a client, for any reason, and gets to keep only a small amount of her earnings. Some of her clients are belligerent and cruel, she's shamed by her society, and she's always worried about being caught by the police. She does not have access to reliable birth control, and has been infected with several different STDs.
  • Subverted:
    • Alice tells her johns she enjoys her job, but she's lying so her customers don't feel guilty; she actually started prostituting herself to escape Perpetual Poverty, or to support her child(ren), and would rather be doing something else.
    • Alice enjoys her job at first, but then finds herself in a Career Versus Man dilemma: she can't get a boyfriend to stick around because they're put off by her (current or past) prostitution.
    • Alice enjoys the job at first, but later finds that she can't get a "real" job because businesses are concerned about what hiring a former prostitute (even though it was legal work) would do to their image.
    • Alice gets infected with gonorrhea from one of her clients.
    • Alice speaks positively about her job, and it sounds like she's a prostitute, but she's actually a Cam Whore, stripper, porn actress, phone sex operator, geisha, escort, et cetera.
    • In the setting of the story, no one is ever directly forced into the profession and poor people are offered plenty of other options, so officially, everyone in the sex industry is there because they want to. However, it later turns out that, as a result of rigid cultural norms (e.g. the idea that Sex Is Good leading to people with any kind of personal sexual taboos being ridiculed as prudes, or followers of a religion where ritual prostitution is viewed as a particularly powerful expression of faith falling under suspicion of not being "real" believers if they won't engage in it), many prostitutes have taken up the profession not because they really wanted to, but because they felt peer-pressured into it, which makes the strictly voluntary basis of the job look more like Questionable Consent.
  • Double Subverted:
    • Alice is lying about enjoying the job at first, but after leaving her unpleasant pimp for a madame who treats her workers right, she finds it's actually pretty decent.
    • Alice finds that while many men are turned off by her career choices, the ones who aren't are the sorts she's truly interested in anyways.
    • Alice struggles to get out of the sex industry until she figures out how to put a spin on it and get hired that way, or is able to start her own business.
    • Alice gets infected on the job... but her employer has prepared for this sort of thing and has the appropriate antibiotics.
    • Alice is not officially a prostitute, just a stripper, escort, whatever... but while sex isn't officially part of the deal, she's happy to sleep with her customers if they catch her interest and/or if it gets her a nice bonus under the table.
  • Parodied: Alice has G-Rated Sex with her clients, and the bedroom is prepared by Disney Creatures of the Farce.
  • Zig Zagged: Some sex workers have good working conditions and experiences, others not so much. Even for those in good conditions, attitudes vary by temperament, the shy college student trying to make ends meet will feel ashamed, while the ridiculously lazy girl with few sexual taboos figures it's good money for a job that doesn't require much talent or effort and has shorter hours than a desk job in some cubicle.
  • Averted:
    • There is no prostitution in this setting.
    • Prostitution is portrayed as dangerous, immoral, etc.
  • Enforced:
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  • Invoked:
    • Alice begins working for a pimp or madam who genuinely cares about the well-being of his/her employees, in a place where prostitution is legal and regulated.
    • Alice becomes a priestess in the name of a Love Goddess, and part of her job is sacred prostitution and/or other ritual sex acts in the shrine or temple. Because of her status as a priestess (maybe even a High Priestess), she is held in extremely high esteem by her society.
  • Exploited: Bob engages in Sex Tourism in places where this trope is in full effect, because he believes that happy hookers = better sex.
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