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Heroes Fight Barehanded:

  • Straight: Hiro is a Messianic Archetype and a Bare-Fisted Monk; Emperor Evulz is a Complete Monster who attacks people with every weapon he can get his hands on.
  • Exaggerated: Every good-aligned character in the series fights with their bare hands, while every evil character is a Walking Armoury.
  • Downplayed: Hiro is willing to use weapons when he needs to, but always prefers to use his fists and never carries weapons on his person; Evulz is willing to fight barehanded, but he's a Combat Pragmatist who is always looking for a way to outgun his foes.
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  • Justified: Hiro's Powers Do the Fighting and he shall not kill, so guns are both redundant and counter-intuitive for him, not to mention he Does Not Like Guns; Evulz is literally evil because of his Evil Weapon, which has corrupted him into violent madness.
  • Inverted: Hiro's the Good Cop who's never without his pistol; Evulz is a psychotic killer who takes glee in tearing people apart with his bare hands.
  • Subverted: Hiro only looks unarmed: it turns out he's a master of Hidden Weapons, Arsenal Attire, and skullduggery in general.
  • Double Subverted: It turns out the Hiro we first saw was actually a Criminal Doppelgänger, and the real Bob is both Heroic and a Bare-Fisted Monk par excellence.
    • Hiro's increasing evil displays itself in a growing fondness for Booby Traps, Arsenal Attire, and eventually actual, handheld weapons.
    • As the series progresses it becomes apparent that Evulz is evil in name only and never actually uses his sword, instead performing a Heel–Face Turn.
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  • Parodied: Bob is a Knight Templar who attacks anyone wielding a weapon, even toy weapons on sight, in the belief they must be eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeevil!
  • Zig Zagged:
  • Averted:
    • It's a Fighting Series where everyone is a boxer, martial artist, or otherwise has no need of weapons.
    • Conversely, it's a series where Everyone Is Armed.
  • Enforced: The show is an Anvilicious commentary in favor of gun control, so of course anyone using a gun is demonized.
  • Lampshaded: "Fighting barehanded shows strength of character: fighting with a weapon shows only the strength of said weapon."
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  • Invoked: Hiro, upon becoming a superhero, vows against the use of weapons, believing it to be unfair with the advantages he already possess.
  • Exploited: Hiro is Dressing as the Enemy and Emperor Evulz suspects this; the latter orders his men to have a firing drill, knowing that the former will be a terrible shot because of his refusal to use weapons.
  • Defied: "Guns don't kill people, people do. I am not going to suddenly become Hitler because I'm actually prepared for this battle."
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  • Conversed: ???
  • Deconstructed: Heroic or not, martial artist or not, Hiro's refusal to arm himself frequently gets him into trouble as expected from someone barehanded trying to fight a well-equipped army.
  • Reconstructed: A preference for unarmed combat has its own advantages: Hiro never has to worry about being disarmed and he can get through airport security with impunity.
  • Intended Audience Reaction: Hiro's refusal to use weapons reflects his philosophy: he's a Messianic Archetype and Guile Hero who is always trying to find a way To Win Without Fighting. As such, by the time he brings out the fisticuffs, it's clear that a situation has already gone off the rails: he's a master of the open hand, not a closed fist.

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