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Nightmare Fuel / What A Horrible Night To Have A Curse

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  • Aaron, in "Bloom" tries to scream out for help as he begins to change...but can only make rutting deer noises from his already-morphed vocal cords.
  • The nightmare that James has after his encounter with the tribe of elk-people, used as the page quote.
    • Most of what is happening to him is weird and gross, all the more so because the audience has no idea where or how it'll end up.
  • "Rat Prince" is expressly built on this:
  • It's strongly implied that the fate of Tom Ryan from "Sic Itur Ad Astra" was...not great.
  • John Thomas in "Nervous Boys" has holed himself up in a motel room, hoping Caleb can't find him. As he gets drunker and more miserable, he hallucinates — or does he? — someone scratching at his door.
    • His ultimate fate is even worse: enslaved by his new animal biology to Caleb as his mate, forced to be bred over and over, his mental identity erased as he rapidly changes into a Tailypo like Caleb.
  • The eerie descriptions of Interstate 4 and the ghost stories and urban legends it tends to attract in "Hecho En Florida." All the more scary because many of them are based on actual tales!
  • Being a Creepypasta originally, the entirety of "The Decaying Mall" counts.
  • The gargantuan catfish that Mike Fischer finds in "Upriver." The scariest part is that it seems intelligent and knows exactly what Mike was trying to do it:
    "Eyes appeared – bulbous, spherical, but without the dead listless apathy so often of fish, no, even in the dying evening August light, the sunset fading behind him, he could see it: the spark, the emotion, the sheer annihilating malevolence."
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  • Jim's growing distrust of Old Eph, particularly as he slowly understands just what a creep he really is, culminating in the horrifying revelation that the story of the boy turned into a half-goat monster was actually Old Eph himself.

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