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Nightmare Fuel / The Wicked Years

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  • The scene discussing everyone's reaction to Elphaba post-melt down doesn't give much detail, only that it was horrifying, vomit inducing, and that they aren't going back into that room to clean it up anytime soon.
  • The bizarre interspecies orgy in the philosophy club turns from crude to eerie as the host narrates cryptic prophecies along this. Not to mention, Tibbett is barely conscious, did not consent to it and is traumatised after said event - the narrator stares he was "never the same" after that.
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  • One of Elphaba's first words was after being found outside in the darkness, "horrors."
  • Ilianora/Nor being "stitched into a finalizing virginity" so that she would never have children who would suffer as she did.
  • Fiyero's death. It's never shown or explicitly described, but the details peppered here and there throughout the book is enough to imagine a very bloody, horrifying death. The last thing Fiyero sees before he's knocked out is his blood splattering over Elphaba's kitten, red over white.
  • The people having their faces scraped off...

Alternative Title(s): Son Of A Witch, A Lion Among Men, Out Of Oz