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Nightmare Fuel / Toy Story 4

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  • Everyone was already creeped out by ventriloquist dummies in general, ask all those traumatized by either Howdy Doody or, more on purpose, Slappy from the Goosebumps books and TV series episodes "Night of the Living Dummy" and the two movies... Well, meet Gabby Gabby's henchmen, the Bensons. They can be easily added to the list, specially when one, then two, then three... come out of nowhere and relentlessly chase the heroes in the corners of the antique store. They look a lot like the aforementioned Slappy, move around like zombies due to their arms and legs being made of soft materials and never talk, and Woody trying to escape them really gives off the vibe of a horror movie chase.
  • The music that plays on the gramophone when Gabby Gabby introduces herself to Woody and Forky surrounded by the creepy Bensons? None other than Al Bowlly's 1934 song, "Midnight, the Stars and You", which brings quite a few haunting memories due to its use in The Shining.
  • This film goes much deeper into the kind of Body Horror a cast of toys will let family entertainment get away with:
    • During the flashback sequence at the beginning, the toys are forced to temporarily halt their rescue of R.C. when Andy's mom and the couple she's donating Bo's lamp to enter Molly's room. As a result, the window gets shut... while Slinky is hanging halfway out of it. Yikes.
    • It's breezed past, and Woody didn't appear to be hurt by it, but Bonnie's dad accidentially steps on him twice they day they leave for the road trip, once on his torso (you can actually hear a disturbingly realistic Sickening "Crunch!" that sounds almost identical to a bone breaking), and once on his head, denting it and forcing Woody to pop it back to normal.
    • One of Bo Peep's arms has broken off at some point and she needs to keep it taped on. Her sheep also come close to shattering on the floor at one point, and the movie never lets up on the porcelain sound effects reminding us how fragile Bo and her sheep are compared to the other toys.
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    • The store cat is introduced walking aside to reveal the bottom half of a toy with stuffing spilling out, to Bunny and Ducky's horror. We later see the still living upper half, none the worse for wear.
    • It briefly looks like Bunny was killed, with Ducky crying over a bit of his stuffing like it's his guts.
    • Gabby wants to cut out Woody's voice box for herself. And actually succeeds.
      • To better explain: during the rescue attempt from the china cabinet, Woody winds up being caught in a game of tug-of-war due to having a rope tied around him and Gabby and the Bensons getting ahold of his pull string. Eventually, Woody's voicebox practically explodes out of his back, and one of the Bensons proceeds to pin him down and try to rip it out completely. Later on, Woody confronts Gabby by himself, and upon learning the real reason why she wants her voicebox fixed (and keen to trade for Forky's return) willingly gives his up. But still, a large portion of this film hinged on what was ostensibly the removal of an organ.
      • In fact, the removal of his voice box is treated exactly like above: a surgery. Woody's back is stitched completely all the way up with an old sewing machine (even the pullstring is gone now) and he wakes up as if from anesthesia, groggy and sore. note 
      • Special mention goes to how the scene that reveals the end results of the surgery starts: a black screen, with a voiceover of Woody's pullstring sayings that gets distorted as it is removed (and implied to be taken apart, considering it would be awkward for Gabby to have Woody's sayings in her "new" voice box).
  • The cat swallows Giggles! But don't worry, she gets spit out later, but it's still gross.