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Nightmare Fuel / RAY Series

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The RAY series isn't just a shoot 'em up series about piloting a space fighter or two capable of spamming homing lasers (or lightning depending on the game), it also shows us that the human race is capable of horrific planetary disasters.

  • The major Big Bad of the series, the Con-Human super-computer from RayForce and it's prequel RayCrisis, almost single-handedly wipes out all of humanity when it started to malfunction. The manual of RayForce's PC port describes all the horrors it caused on Earth when it gone completely rogue; it caused natural disasters with the planet's weather-control unit, deprived the Earth of it's oxygen to suit it's own needs, and created temperatures that made the planet uninhabitable while killing off those unfortunate enough to live on Earth. After taking over the Earth, all of humanity that managed to escape from the planet was only left with one option: Commence "Operation: RAYFORCE" and destroy the Earth. The way it turned bad? It had been tasked with trying to figure out a way for humans to exist forever, and began breaking down trying to figure out a fool-proof way to do that. The situation decayed further when a mecha-neurologist installed a clone as part of an attempt to determine organic/inorganic entity compatibility. They were compatible, all right—the clone's mind entered Con-Human, and it reached the conclusion that there was a way to guarantee human existence. Namely, pull all the minds it can into machinery, then protect the new inorganic lives by erasing organic life. The worst part: It was a MAN-MADE SUPER-COMPUTER.
    • The bad ending of RayCrisis is MUCH worse. After witnessing your Wave Rider being snuffed out by the Con-Human, images appear briefly during the ending which mentions how the Con-Human wiped out all life on Earth and no survivors had a chance to escape, and then finally, it burrowed its way into the Earth's crust and took over the entire planet's core!
  • The Extra Mode ending of RayStorm is no better. Over 70% of the seven-billion inhabitants of the planet Secilia were killed during "Operation: RAYSTORM" while the remaining 30% would have no chance of survival. Working Designs' translation of the ending in the PlayStation version is much worse than other versions of the game.
  • "Molecular Clock" (Original ZUNTATA version), the boss music for the sixth and seventh stages from RayStorm, can be a very unsettling song, which can make dealing with Alaric and Spartacus much more nerve-wracking.


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