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Tear Jerker / RAY Series

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  • The endings of all three games are tragedies on planetary levels and Bittersweet Endings at best.
    • RayForce: Earth is so corrupted by Con-Human that the only option left to save humanity is to blow up the entire planet; this is the objective over the course of the game. Which succeeds. The pilot dies on the way out.
    • RayStorm: In order to stop the Secilian rebellion, the R-GRAY squad destroys the entirety of the colony of Secilia, and it is implied that all seven billion inhabitants die; who knows how many of those seven billion are innocent civilians who want nothing to do with the entire conflict? 13-Ship Mode is even worse, as The Stinger reveals that Earth was wiped out too!
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    • RayCrisis: The fact that this is a prequel to RayForce should clue you in on how successful the efforts to stop Con-Human were (which is to say: not at all).


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