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Nightmare Fuel / Mega Man 8-Bit Deathmatch

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Moments pages are Spoilers Off. You Have Been Warned.

Core Game

  • The Evil Robot is made of this.
    • First of all, you're playing a normal deathmatch game inside Wily Tower against all of the Robot Masters from Mega Man 8. Seems normal, but then the game appears to freeze and then... the ceiling suddenly explodes without warning and the Evil Robot comes descending down. It's pretty jarring when the other bosses in the game showed the results screen for the previous botmatch before fighting them.
    • And then while the camera is panning around the Evil Robot during the cutscene, it suddenly cuts to a close up of his sprite complete with a loud sound effect. Doesn't help that there was no music playing until then.
    • When he's being used as a skin and bot, he gains an ominous arua around his sprite whenever he moves around, but the worst part is his lines when being used as a bot, saying things like "Another planet ripe for the glory of evil." and "You will let me in. In the end, they always do.". Brrrrr.
  • The postgame cutscene in Version 5D:
    • It starts when you approach Tornado Man in the lab and he tells you that Dr. Light wants to see you in the basement. As you're told this, the screen mysteriously pulsates a dark purple hue. On your way down to speak with Dr. Light, the elevator suddenly stops, and the screen starts fading into black and purple as a mysterious voice asks if you can hear you. Said voice then suddenly says your name in a giant line of text that covers most of the screen.
    • You then collapse, and when you wake up, you become surrounded by strings of code and skull shapes, while the room begins to distort. All the while, the voice speaks to you in disembodied purple lines of text, mocking you and tempting you to turn against humans. Eventually, the screen turns purple and a silhouette of the Evil Robot appears before you. You've been infected with Roboenza.
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    • The silhouette and distortion then disappears, but something pries the doors of the elevator open. It's four rows of robots all with the appearance of the default skin, some with no eyes, some with cracks on their bodies, and some with body parts missing. You then lower your buster and look at your hands, trembling as your skin melts off of them.
    • The screen then fades to white, before fading back in with a purple tint. You repeat the voice's claim that destruction was all you were made for, and walk into the basement (which now has a dark sky where the walls used to be) without any input. Without any hesitation, you attack Roll, Galaxy Man, and Plug Man, with Galaxy Man and Plug Man dropping debris as they collapse, meaning you've probably hurt them badly. You then walk over to the room where Dr. Light is working on Mega Man and Proto Man, smacking Roll to the side when she gets up to try and stop you. Had Duo not showed up to stop you in your tracks, you likely would have killed Dr. Light.
  • The realization you reach when you fight Quint, who in this game isn't an alternate Mega Man - rather, he is the same Mega Man that you interact with. Thanks to your existence as Maestro, Mega Man has virtually been cast aside, reduced to a side character in his own series, fated to die fighting you as Quint. You have completely demolished his life into a tragic shell of what it was meant to be just by existing.
  • When you begin the first stage of a new chapter, you're treated to the featured game's "Stage Start" theme along with a visual based on the chapter. This is not the case with Chapter 13— instead, you're treated to dead silence instead of Mega Man V's stage start music.
  • The finale of version 6:
    • So you just defeated the Wily Robo Iron Golem, the final boss of the MM10 chapter. Duo and King are about to negotiate things with Wily for all the damage he's caused. And then Terra appears. Duo attempts to fight him, but Terra doesn't flinch. Duo doesn't survive Terra's onslaught.
    • Really, just how omnicidal the Stardroids are, especially Terra; this is a group of robots not programmed by Wily who want to destroy Earth and everything on it by awakening Sunstar, and they harvest the energy of the Evil Robot to do that. Keep in mind that it's known for the creation of Roboenza, mirroring a level of insanity that not even Sigma displayed in the X series until the later games.
    • Just after beating the three Killer stages on the Wily Star, a short cutscene plays showing the Stardroids contemplating what to do with the player. They all agree that they need Sunstar to be resurrected... no matter the cost. Mars then blows up a canister of Roboenza, allowing them to be infected.
    • Later on, you have your fight with Sunstar. After he is defeated, he has his Heel–Face Turn moment like in the original, but then, the head of the Evil Energy Robot appears and latches onto Sunstar's face, corrupting his body into a warped fusion of his body and the Evil Robot's original body! The "third" phase begins, but nothing's harming him. Your only option is to run as he begins to have meltdown and infect the entire Wily Star!
    • The escape itself is fairly unnerving as well, with ceilings beginning to slowly cave in as numerous damaging tendrils sprout from the floor. Part of the escape leads back through the MMVDW1 deathmatch map, as the chaotic destruction continues to erupt around you.
    • Terra's last moments. Revealing to still be (barely) alive, Terra mocks your attempts to flee as the Evil Energy takes full control of both Sunstar and the Wily Star, laughing as he sees your despair just before being crushed by debris.
      Terra: ...Ha... There's no running from it. The Sun God's true powers... has been unleashed... It will come for your world... All worlds... ...And as one final reward... I get to see your despair... Knowing that there's nothing you can do to stop it! AHAHAHAHA!
  • The end result of this terrifying union, as Sunstar's runaway cataclysmic power corrupted by the Evil Energy Robot seeps into the Wily Star, enabling him to merge with it. It descends from the sky, the entire world darkening over with an unnatural black-and-red coloration with its mere presence, the entity surrounded by an eerie, lightless aura. The Wily Star shows itself to be overtaken by a pulsing, breathing organic-looking, tumorous purple mass. The mass then grows limbs, with the half-melting face of the Evil Energy Robot emerging from the top. This— is the Eldritch Abomination called Eclipse.
    • The name of its boss theme does nothing to help matters: "Thy World Consumed". It's practically a declaration that it's already won.
  • Just the implicationnote  that Ra Moon had a hand in Maestro's creation is terrifying.

Game Mods

  • The boss mod Unholy Bosses has a number of creepy moments.
    • First, we have the Hellbots, a series of Napalm Men with Black Eyes of Evil and the Darkman 4 shoulder-pads (as well as the Darkman 1 busters) that have large amounts of health and can unleash multiple attacks with just one press of the fire button. While Shin Hellbot isn't so frightening aside from the aforementioned lack of eyes and the rage message being "There is no escape...", his big brother Hellbot is far more sinister. His color scheme is Red and Black and Evil All Over, his appearance darkens the entire level, and he has a starting health value of 6,666. In addition, his theme is the second phase of the Giygas fight.
      • If you get killed by Hellbot, you receive a Jump Scare featuring the face from MARIO, along with a loud unsettling scream. If you get the Give Up Hope Unit, you can use it to automatically trigger the jumpscare yourself, dealing great damage to any unfortunate soul that happens to be next to you and causing them to be jumpscared as well.
    • If you defeat Hellbot before the timer by his health counter ends, you get to fight the third and final Hellbot, Zankokuna Hellbot. Like Shin Hellbot, he's not too frightening, but apart from having a whopping 30,000 HP, his rage is to darken the map while replacing the current music theme with an ominous theme (pulled from the music from the Cave of the Past in EarthBound, "The Place"). If Zankokuna isn't attacked within a few seconds, every player character except him is promptly killed off with a loud explosion sound. This can also happen if 6 minutes have passed when fighting other bosses, and there's no way to avoid it.
    • The Super Give Up Hope Unit causes your character to be surrounded by red skulls as the Drowning music from the Sonic the Hedgehog series plays, muting the music of the stage when you activate it. Once that timer runs dry, your character erupts into an enormous explosion while the screens of the user and anyone unlucky enough to get blasted by it get plastered by the "Fun is Infinite" screen while the scream from the above-mentioned MARIO jumpscare plays. Like Zankokuna Hellbot's rage, if 6 minutes have passed when fighting bosses, this is forced upon every player.
    • Sampi, the Final Boss. Like Zankokuna, he has 30,000 HP and a very wide array of ways he can pull a Curb-Stomp Battle on every survivor, including a dash attack activated via alt-fire that is implied via it's kill message to be strong enough to shatter or remove someone's skull. And if you somehow manage to damage him enough, he'll use one of two rages (the use of them depend on what fire button is pressed): A sequence of explosive thunder strikes or a meteor shower with just as destructive blood-red meteors, including a giant meteor. Die to either of those rages? Enjoy the jumpscare.
    • Final Faggasso, the strongest of the Faggasso bosses. He takes the appearance of Faggasso DX, but blood red. Coming with him is high HP and strong attacks, all of which jumpscare any unfortunate victim. Most notable is his rage, ASP Doomsday, which drops a giant red and black meteor down upon the map, instantly killing anyone within radius. Think about the attack's name for a second.
    • The Wish Star item. While it normally kills all the other players for an instant win or resets the match thanks to a Celebi, there is a rare chance you can accidentally summon Sonic.exe, who cues in creepy and unsettling music before he starts flying into you while the screen turns red. You can shoot him, turn the camera, and taunt all you want- he's not going to stop. And if you thought you were safe from him if you don't get the Wish Star, Sonic.exe is also one of the three results for the clock running out. Oh. and there's one Sonic.exe for every player.
      YoU shOuLDN't haVe ComE heRE...
    • The kill message of Skullman's rage. It implies that the victim was never seen again, which means that Skullman erased them from existence.
    • The lose screen, pictured above, is Hellbot staring right into your soul with the text "HELL AWAITS..." plastered on a blood red wireframe while this song plays. The original version of the screen is possibly even more terrifying, with Hellbot (or at least an early version of him) standing alone in a foreboding hellish atmosphere.
  • In Classes-Based Modification, when someone is killed by Dust Man or Junk Man, they leave behind junk that can be used to fill the ammo bar of the aforementioned classes. Essentially, Dust Man and Junk Man use the dismembered corpses of their enemies as ammo. Think about that for a moment. What's worse, certain classes (Pirate Man, Fake Man, and Mercury) are able to steal (or in Fake Man's case, "confiscate") most items, including the aforementioned junk.


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